Hulu's Harlots is back with more drama and action than ever for its second season

Hulu's show Harlots Season 2 is all set to premiere in July filled with a lot more drama, action, and power struggles!

                            Hulu's Harlots is back with more drama and action than ever for its second season
Actress Lesley Manville (L) and executive producer Moira Buffini of Hulu's Original Series 'Harlots' (Source : Getty Images)

Hulu's 'Harlots is a lavish 18th-century-set drama about the infamous feuding houses and the aggressive ambitious women who run them. The very first episode of the show sets the scene and takes you back to the year 1763 in Georgian London. "One in five women makes a living selling sex."

The show is inspired by the story of real women and is about sex workers and their lives. The show is a lot more than just about sex and also dives into understanding family, female friendships, gender dynamics, and money. From season 1, an intense rivalry between brothel-owner Margaret Wells, played by Samantha Morton, and her arch-rival madam Lydia Quigley, played by Lesley Manville, is seen and both the women are hoping to make their mark in time within a crowded market area in an environment which is not fair to ambitious women or women with any power.  

Season 2 of the show is all set to premiere on July 11 and from the trailer, it is evident that the feud between Margaret and Lydia is going to reach an all-time peak and will be more vicious than ever. Margaret's daughter Charlotte (Jessica Brown Findlay) infiltrates Lydia's brothel, pretending to be one of her girls and with the addition of Liv Tyler who plays a wealthy socialite, Lady Fitz is going to make things very complex and interesting. 

The underlying feminist themes are seen and portrayed through the series and make the very base of the storyline. The creators and producers Moira Buffini and Alison Newman along with the show's writing room and director's chairs are all women which makes it seem like none of the characters are being exploited. 

As reported by Variety, Jessica Brown Findlay shared, "It’s just shockingly rare to read a female protagonist who is flawed, frustrating, brilliant, stubborn, annoying, as well as kind of magnificent in her own way. To have a female role like that, for me, and not have to be this perfect, brilliant thing, I loved it. The older I get, the more life feels a bit like that. It’s all these mad, brilliant, juxtaposing characteristics," when asked what drew her in about the series, Harlots.