'Huge In France' star Jordan Ver Hoeve hopes for a second season: "Let's all put those thumbs up on Netflix"

 'Huge In France' star Jordan Ver Hoeve hopes for a second season: "Let's all put those thumbs up on Netflix"

'Huge in France', a Netflix show starring Gad Elmaleh, premiered on April 12 and the comedy is anything but huge. Intentionally unfunny throughout, with more than just a handful of cringe-worthy moments, the subtle comedy follows stand-up comedian Gad Elmaleh, who has decided to make a life for himself in the US so that he can spend time with his son Luke.

The series is partially based on Elmaleh's own life, who has an 18-year-old model son, and in 2015, he had performed stand-up in New York, which he said bombed due to his broken English.



The show revolves around the drama that unfolds as Elmaleh tries to work on his relationship with his son, who considers Jason Alan Ross, played by Matthew Del Negro, as his real father. Elmaleh has left behind all his fame and celebrity perks in France where he is considered at par with Jerry Seinfeld for his son.


Model and actor Jordan Ver Hoeve plays the comedian's 16-year-old model son Luke. In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide, Jordan got candid about his role in the show, the transition from modeling to acting, and on whether or not there will be a second season. 

Speaking about his role, Jordan said that the comedy comes from the seriousness of Luke, which was fun to portray. "I was definitely trying to play up the hooty-ness, but it was so fun and satirical in that dry comedy," he said, further adding that there is no punchline, but it's funny because his character is a "zoolander".


'Huge in France' is Jordan's first big acting project, and he said that during the transition from modeling to acting he found so much "substance, passion and love for it," to play opposites and diverse characters. He said that in modeling, it's more about "the image, than what you can bring to the camera, verbally and physically."



On being asked about auditioning for 'Huge in France', Jordan said that the showmakers were looking for someone who looked like a model. He said that once he read the script, he "immediately loved it!".

Talking about the shoot, Jordan was all praise and said that when he left home to go to the set, he actually felt like he was going home.

"Set felt good, it was like a family," he said. He mentioned that later when he went to one of Gad's show, he was all "Oh, I get to meet family tonight!".


Speaking about the cliffhanger ending of season one, Jordan said a second season is possible and he would absolutely love it.

"The story can easily continue, but it's all in the hands of Netflix at the moment," he said. "Let's all put those thumbs up on Netflix, shout it out, do what you can, and let's hope!" he added. 

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