'Weather': Huey Lewis gives us perfect goodbye in what 'may be' his last album as he faces hearing loss

The singer has revealed he suffers from hearing loss due to Meniere's disease and that 'Weather' might be the band's last album ever

                            'Weather': Huey Lewis gives us perfect goodbye in what 'may be' his last album as he faces hearing loss
Bill Gibson, Huey Lewis and John Pierce (Getty Images)

Opening with an ode to youth and enjoying life while you can, Huey Lewis and the News' latest album 'Weather' really sets the tone for this release. It bears all the markings of a classic Huey Lewis and the News album, but as Patrick Bateman famously said in his Huey Lewis and the News monologue in 'American Psycho': "...So catchy, most people probably don't listen to the lyrics. But they should..."

'Weather' kicks off with the beautifully nostalgic and upbeat 'While We're Young' that has Lewis musing over the good old days when "all we had was time", and gives us this lovely call-to-action: "Life is short/Let’s take advantage of every opportunity." Despite dealing with the loss of his hearing and potentially his ability to sing, Lewis reminds us to have fun while we're still young.

As the first track trails off, we are led into a classic rock 'n roll banger with 'Her Love is Killin Me.' Given that this was written long before guitarist Chris Hayes departed the band in 2001 it makes sense that it sounds like something out of the 80s.

Huey Lewis and the News perform onstage at the Mitsubishi Motors ArenaBowl Extravaganza during ArenaBowl XXII weekend on July 26, 2008, in New Orleans, Louisiana (Getty Images)

'I Am There For You' is a more mellow track that reminds us of just how reliable the band could be, switching easily from classic rock to a softer, more blues-rock sound that continues into 'Hurry Back Baby.' And it must be said — despite having difficulty singing, Lewis' vocals are flawless on these tracks.

'Pretty Girls Everywhere,' originally by Eugene Church, carries on the band's tradition of including a cover in every record. This track, along with 'Remind Me Why I Love You Again', are such throwbacks that it's hard to imagine this album was released only a few weeks ago.

'One of the Boys' is a gorgeous country-rock tune full with acoustic guitar and harmonica that was originally written by Lewis for country singer Willie Nelson. It closes off the record on a poignant, uplifting note: "I'm making beautiful noise / Yes, I'm playing with my friends / Until the music ends."

That you certainly are, Mr Lewis. That you certainly are.

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