'Huda Boss' season 2: Falling profits and an impending product launch sees Huda make some tough decisions for her brand

The premiere episode of 'Huda Beauty' season 2 showed Huda having a serious discussion with her husband and COO Chris about the poor price margins and Mona introduces her fiance Dom.

                            'Huda Boss' season 2: Falling profits and an impending product launch sees Huda make some tough decisions for her brand

‘Huda Boss’ returned with season 2 on August 20. The premiere episode looked very promising and gave us the latest scoop on what the Kattan family has been up to. 'Huda Boss' chronicles the life of the famous Huda Kattan, a 34-year-old makeup blogger turned CEO of the iconic Huda Beauty brand. She presents a raw, unfiltered look into what it takes to run a successful global makeup empire along with her with family members.

Huda Kattan returns with season 2 of 'Huda Beauty' (Instagram)

Her sister Alya is the Chief Instagram Officer for the Huda brand. Considering that the social media platform played such an important role in making ‘Huda Beauty’ a successful global makeup brand, the company places huge importance on their social media presence and content. So, Alya handles it all. While the youngest sister Mona is the Global President of 'Huda Beauty'. Her COO husband Chris tries to help Huda strike a balance between work and family.

In season 1 of 'Huda Beauty,' we witnessed the brand scrapping off their concealer release when Huda felt that the quality of the product was not up to the mark. The season also extensively covered Mona's single life and Huda finding it challenging to give time to her family.  The season 2 premiere episode showed Huda and the team working hard on their latest product launch plan which is to do with the launch of eyeliner. While the product is still in its initial stages, we see Huda appearing very optimistic about developing the best eyeliner that the world has ever seen. She wants her eyeliner to be able to withstand anything including a dive in the ocean!  

Mona introduces her fiance Dom (Instagram)

On the family front, there seems to be a new addition to their tribe, as Mona happily announces that she is engaged. Mona introduces us to her fiancé, Dominic Nowell-Barnes or Dom as she calls him. The couple met on Tinder and have known each other for eight months. While Mona seems over the moon, her family especially Huda does not appear as excited. Huda has concerns about their relationship and feels that they should take it slow. While Alya approves of their engagement, she feels that Mona shouldn’t rush into a wedding so fast. Be ready to see some drama on this front in future episodes.

The episode ends with Chris discussing the poor price margins with Huda. He tells Huda that their profits are abysmal and that she needs to quickly take charge of the situation and even hints at the company tanking. Huda who has been very open from season 1 that she is more focussed on formulation and development of the products rather than business management, finds the news very disturbing. We will have to wait for the next episode to see what decision she makes to save the company.

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