How to support Daunte Wright's girlfriend Chyna Whitaker? GoFundMe campaign by aunt Kelly raises over $537,000

Social media was also abuzz with appeal for help for Wright's girlfriend Chyna Whitaker and their baby boy

                            How to support Daunte Wright's girlfriend Chyna Whitaker? GoFundMe campaign by aunt Kelly raises over $537,000
Daunte Wright was shot and killed by cops during a traffic stop in Brooklyn Center on Sunday, April 11 (Twitter/@kimvhyatt)

The tragic death of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center where he was shot by the police over a traffic stop on Sunday, April 11, has left the entire country in shock. The incident happened not too far from where George Floyd was killed in a police atrocity in Minneapolis and it has reignited the fire which has been burning in the US over the past several months amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the local police, Wright, 20, had an outstanding warrant against his name and when the cops tried to take him under custody, he tried to re-enter his vehicle and was shot. He then drove for a few blocks before striking another vehicle and died. Wright’s girlfriend Chyna Whitaker was traveling with him in the same car. The duo has a baby boy, Daunte Wright Jr, who will turn two in a few months.


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Support started pouring in for the survivors and Kelly Bryant, Wright’s aunt, set up a page to raise funds for both Wright’s funeral and the future care of his son. On her page on GoFundMe titled ‘Dauntes Funeral and future care of Daunte JR.’, she wrote: “Daunte was tragically shot and killed by Minneapolis police on a traffic stop. I am Daunte’s aunt Kelly and I set up this page to take the burden off my sister Katie Wright and brother-in-law Aubrey Wright as they are grieving the loss of their 20-year-old son. Please donate to give Daunte the proper burial he deserves and to help his son and son's mother Chyna. And if you can't support us financially, please send lots of prayers for our family to get through this tragic loss.” The page has received $537,870 in donations when this article was previously updated.

Katie Wright was in tears while speaking with reporters after her son’s death saying his car was stopped by the cops apparently because the cops objected to the air fresheners in his vehicle. He also emotionally appealed to the authorities to lift her son’s body from the street, where it was left lying for hours. Bodycam footage later surfaced that showed Wright pulling away from the cops when they tried to handcuff her and getting back into the car and getting shot.


A petition was also being signed seeking justice for Wright and at the time of writing this report, it got more than 103,919 signatures when this report was previously updated. 

People were busy extending their helping hands to Chyna who was taken to a hospital for treatment following the crash. She appealed for help for the baby in terms of diapers, clothes, shoes etc. but people were also readily helping her with money through various pay apps.


Details about ways to help the mother and son were also being shared on Twitter: