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How powerful is Adam? Here's how he almost defeated Zeus in 'Record of Ragnarok'

Adam, the first human to be ever created by God, is one of the main characters on Netflix's 'Record of Ragnarok' and he possesses some godly abilities
Adam in Netflix's 'Record of Ragnarok' (Netflix)
Adam in Netflix's 'Record of Ragnarok' (Netflix)

Netflix’s upcoming anime series ‘Record of Ragnarok’ talks about an extraordinary battle that takes place between the gods and humans. Every 1,000 years, God’s Council gathers and decides the fate of humanity and the day has come when gods feel that humans should be wiped off from the face of the earth.

However, Brunhild, leader of the Valkyries, decides to be on the side of the humans and convinces the council to give one final chance to the people of Earth. The council decides to hold the Battle of Ragnarok, a tournament with 13 notable humans from across history against 13 of the most powerful gods engaging in duels to the death. Humanity can only survive if they win seven rounds of the tournament. In the anime, the council chooses seven of the most influential people in the history of mankind for the tournament and one of them is none other than Adam, the first human to ever exist.


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But fighting a god is not a child’s play and Adam would have to be at his ultimate best to defeat Zeus, who rules as king of the gods of Mount Olympus. The challenge may seem simple and straightforward, but it really isn’t. One mistake and the defeated opponent is not only dead but also forgotten into nothingness.

Official poster for 'Record of Ragnarok' (Netflix)

However, Adam is still a human and a human cannot be as powerful as a God. So how would he be able to withstand the massive blows from a god like Zeus? Let’s dig a little deeper to learn about Adam and the level of power he possesses.

Who is Adam?

Adam is the progenitor of humanity and was the first human to ever exist. He was created in the image and the likeness of gods. As per the Yahwist (J) narrative, god created Adam from the Earth’s dust and breathing “into his nostrils the breath of life”. Every religion and its scriptures have different versions of the first man to ever exist. Adam comes from the Hebrew adomah, meaning “man”. According to Genesis 2:15-20, god told Adam to cultivate the garden, keep the garden, name the animals, and eat the garden's fruit, except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Adam, the first human to ever exist, drawn by Lucas Cranach the Elder (Wikipedia)

However, Eve, Adam’s companion, was deceived by Satan speaking through a serpent and she ate the fruit from the forbidden tree. She took the fruit to Adam and he ate it too. As a result, they were expelled from the Garden of Eden and were punished for their sin.

What powers does he have in ‘Record of Ragnarok’?

In the series, Adam is a tall, young and muscular man with such beauty that he even arouses the gods. The show follows the literature written in the past and Adam is mostly shown naked and has only a fig leaf covering his groin. As per the original graphic novel, Adam was actually considered to be a “trump card” against the gods and was said to be the most powerful human in history. He had godly strength and durability. He was able to withstand the strongest of attacks that came his way and capable of giving it back to his opponent with the same amount of force.

Adam in 'Record of Ragnarok' (Screengrab/YouTube/Netflix)

He also had the ability to copy his opponent’s moves. As someone who was created in the image of God, Adam was perfectly able to replicate any technique used by the being he saw and use it on his opponent. But he is still a human and everything that happened during the fight put a lot of strain on Adam’s nervous system.

After the epic battle between Adam and Zeus, a lot of gods believed that Adam might have easily defeated them. Ares, the god of courage and war, also admitted that even if he would have trained for 1,000 years, he was no match for Adam. Meanwhile, the king of gods also said if the battle was instead a contest of endurance and not a deathmatch, Adam would have easily bested him.

How powerful is Adam?

It is virtually impossible to know how powerful Adam is because he bested Zeus for a good amount of time and even broke his neck with a single punch. After taking a lot of blows from Zeus, he started feeling a lot of strain on his nervous system and ultimately lost the fight. The battle made us realize that Adam is undoubtedly the most powerful human being to ever exist and is also at par with the strongest of god, such as Zeus. His power levels can go to an extent that no one has ever imagined and that makes him the strongest character in the series.

Season 1 of ‘Record of Ragnarok’ will premiere exclusively on Netflix on Thursday, June 17.