How do idols date? Members of Girls’ Generation, Sistar, EXID, CLC, 2NE1 spill secrets

How do idols date? Members of Girls’ Generation, Sistar, EXID, CLC, 2NE1 spill secrets
Dara and Hyoyeon reveal how idols communicate with their significant other (@cubeclc, Twitter, @EXIDOfficial/Facebook, MBC/Naver TV, Real Entertainment SBS/YouTube)

Looks like idols are as nosy as us fans. While we try to be better and stay out of other people’s private businesses, we can’t help but get curious about idol relationships. And it looks like even K-pop idols are curious about who their colleagues are dating. In a recent variety show on July 6, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon and Sistar’s Soyou revealed how they know if two idols are dating. Soyou revealed that it was quite difficult to meet when overseas as one floor was for female idols while another was for males. They even had their bodyguards with them.

But for those who were able to sneak past, Hyoyeon shared that her manager could find out through their iPhone. The Girls’ Generation star hilariously revealed that if a male idol’s AirDrop becomes visible it means he has come to meet a female idol on the girl’s floor. Her manager had caught several idols this way. Well, she was not the only one who got honest as we had former CLC members Seungyeon, Sorn and Ladies’ Code’s Ashley talking about idols dating. 

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Soyou shares male and female idols are on separate floors when they go overseas (Real Entertainment SBS/YouTube)

CLC, Ladies’ Code, EXID and 2NE1 members spill dating secrets

CLC’s Seungyeon revealed that since their label used to bar them from going out at night, they would sneak out and go to clubs. She shared that few members would stay back and distract their manager while the rest of the members would tiptoe barefoot and leave the dorm. Ladies’ Code’s Ashley also confessed that she had dated an idol for a few weeks but it didn’t last because she was in a six-year long-distance relationship. Sorn revealed that she too had been in a long-distance relationship while Seongyeon shared that she dated an idol she had met before they debuted.

Ladies' Code's Ashley reveals she was in a relationship (ashleybchoi/YouTube)

Seongyeon added that even the staff would help them out as a writer had once given an idol’s phone number to her to pass it on to member Yujin who is now in Kep1er. Ashley shared that they would find creative ways to hang out by inviting a third friend to stop rumors. 2NE1’s Dara and EXID’s Hyerin further dropped tips on what to look out for. Hyerin said that she used to be able to spot couples by observing how they behaved during ISAC. She explained that they would give a special look to greet each other during the opening or closing ceremony.

Hyerin and Dara demonstrate how idols look at their significant other (MBC/Naver TV)

The EXID member revealed that if they felt daring they would also sometimes pass by and secretly brush hands. Dara added that she noticed the same thing at award ceremonies. The 2NE1 star pointed out that idols would make ridiculous movements to nonchalantly look in the direction of their significant other. Fans found Hyoyeon, Ashley, Hyerin and Dara revealing their tricks hilarious with some wondering what those in a relationship would do now that their secrets had been spilt.

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