How did Garrett Lockhart die? Popular DJ i_o dies at 30, Internet says 'the world just lost a special soul'

The cause of his death has not been ascertained as yet

                            How did Garrett Lockhart die? Popular DJ i_o dies at 30, Internet says 'the world just lost a special soul'

Garrett Lockhart, popularly known as DJ and producer i_o, died on Monday, November 23, as informed by a message from his official Twitter and Instagram accounts. The message on his social media accounts read: “On Monday, November 23rd, the world lost a beautiful soul, Garrett Falls Lockhart, also known as i_o. This extremely talented spirit taught us that even if nothing matters, you can still lead with love. Garrett’s truth and soul lives on through the music he shared. Rest in peace, Garrett. We love you.”



As reported by Heavy, the artist, 30, had recently collaborated with Lights and mau5trap on the song, ‘Annihilation’, and was denoted to be a “techno phenom” for his tracks such as ‘ACID 444’ and ‘NRG 444’. The cause of his death is not known yet.

A few days ago, the DJ was promoting his latest track, ‘Castles in the Sky’, which is available to stream on Spotify. The techno and deep house producer recently signed to Armada Music and even launched his own Label 444 imprint. 

His other memorable songs include ‘Let Me Go’ featuring Daisy Guttridge, and ‘In My Head’. Before the pandemic, he was seen talking about his national tour in San Francisco and, as mentioned by Heavy, performed to sold-out out crowds in Salt Lake City, Hollywood, Boston and Las Vegas. Recently, he shared a photo of himself DJ-ing and captioned it: “Do u ever question ur life?”

Soon tributes were pouring in on social media. A Twitter user wrote: “I’ve always loved  @i_oofficial but when he dropped his version of Castles In the Sky my heart was filled with so much joy as it brought back nostalgia from when I used to bump the original by Ian Van Dahl in 6th grade. We will miss you!” Another said, “My mom and I constantly jammed out to the original castles in the sky when I was  like 10 or 11 and now I will be blasting the @i_oofficial remix in his honor — RIP to an absolute legend.” One concurred, “Wow. So f**king heartbreaking. I’ve been listening to Castles in the Sky like 10 times a day since it came out and that will not be stopping any time soon. RIP i_o, you will absolutely not be forgotten.”

Deadmau5 also remembered him tweeting: "Going to miss you my dude, it was a real pleasure working with you and watching you succeed... may you find rest, and let your music live on into eternity." 

A user tweeted, “RIP Garrett and thank you for being an awesome human being. Thank you for sharing your music to the world. You won't be forgotten. My heart and prayers go out to all his family and friends during this time.”  One shared, “No words... one of the best upcoming producers over the past 2 years has been taken away from us far too soon.” A fan expressed, “I_o was the first artist to get me into techno, I was lucky to have been able to see him play a handful of times and each one was so amazing and has the best memories for me. The edm community and the world just lost such a special soul.” One wrote: “I didn't want it to be true... but it is. Thank you for everything, Garrett. Thank you for filling our ears with pounding techno as long as you could, and... I... I'm going to miss that. A lot. RIP, i_o.”



















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