DeShaun Watson vs Patrick Mahomes: Debate rages on the better QB as Texans take on the Chiefs

Player comparisons had already begun and when ESPN tweeted an image of some of the similar numbers between the two QBs, it stirred a massive debate

                            DeShaun Watson vs Patrick Mahomes: Debate rages on the better QB as Texans take on the Chiefs
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With the NFL all set to start with the Houston Texans and the reigning champs, Kansas City Chiefs, the player comparisons ahead of the season has already begun. One of them was a look at the stats between Patrick Mahomes and DeShaun Watson that ESPN chalked up. Here's a quick look:



The numbers starting off with their age had details all the way down to the career season wins and were eerily identical as the post said and this stirred up a massive debate on social media. Most fans felt Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens was a better Quarterback than these two players. "Lamar Jackson is better than Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. That's facts. He's faster too," read one of the tweets.



Coming back, it was all about the massive showdown between the two players. One of the fans felt Mahomes had a bit of an edge. "Mahomes is in a better system. I would say they are pretty even just Mahomes has the slight advantage due to the Super Bowl ring. Compare the weapons that Mahomes has to the ones Watson has. It’s not even close that KC is the better team."



"Watson would’ve won a chip if he was on the Chiefs. Mahomes is lucky he got with a good franchise and coach," another added.



Watson had equal support coming in as well. "He's isn't a better athlete, Watson is 100% more athletic than Mahomes, but Mahomes has a stronger arm and in general a better team built around him so it don't really matter," read one of the comments.



To add to the comparison, one of the players also crunched a few more numbers. "Mahomes: Regular season 24-7 Watson: Regular season 24-13 Mahomes: Playoffs 4–1 Watson: Playoffs 1-2"



Come the new season and Houston will be aiming to notch up their third consecutive division title. In Deshaun Watson, they have a solid QB who recorded 3,852 passing yards in 2019. In their last season, he scored three touchdowns in two games against Kansas. Mahomes, on the other hand, was the star who signed a jaw-dropping 450 million dollar deal in the offseason. He's the man to watch for as he registered over 4,000 passing yards with a 26:5 TD to INT ratio in 2019. He was also the man whose five TD's sealed their win against Houston in the playoffs. 

Who do you think will be the one to have a great start this season?

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