Things are getting intense on 'House Of Payne'. Jazmine's (China Anne McClaine) boyfriend Kaleb turns out to be a bit of a sleaze, who is persistent in having sex with her. He doesn't listen much, even when she is decidedly firm and says that she would rather wait.

The conversation goes on throughout the latest episode, and he even waits for Uncle Curtis (LaVan Davis) and Ella (Cassi Davis Patton) to leave the house, so that he can make a move on her. He shows up at the house, while Jazzy is alone, and again brings up the topic, hoping to pull the moves in Curtis and Ella's bedroom. Luckily, Calvin (Lance Gross) enters the house as he is looking for his keys, and then sees Kaleb hiding behind the kitchen counter. Calvin asks Jazmine what is going on.

The upcoming episode will see the continuation of this storyline. "Jazmine tells Kaleb that she isn't ready to have sex which leads to a confrontation among the family."

We first heard about Kaleb at the beginning of Season 9, and even then Jazmine had mentioned to Ella that she wasn't ready to have sex yet. In Episode 14 of the Tyler Perry show, Janine panicked after finding a vape pen and weed mints in Jazmine's pocket, which turned out to belong to Kaleb. Later, they meet Kaleb. However, CJ was not impressed with Kaleb and kicked him out of the house. It remains to be seen what happens to Kaleb. 

Meanwhile, what's happening to Calvin and Miranda (Keshia Knight Pulliam)? In Episode 9, Calvin brought a new girl home, Laura, to meet his parents. This resulted in an awkward run-in with his ex-wife, Miranda. Laura learns about the relationship between Calvin and Miranda and decides to leave him. In Episode 10, a frustrated Calvin kicks Miranda out of the house, much to Ella's chagrin. Nevertheless, the two even shared a kiss that seemed to be conveniently forgotten later. Calvin seems ready to marry Laura, and Miranda caught them kissing, so their long drama might have just come to an end. For the unversed, Miranda and Calvin shared an unhealthy relationship back in the early days of 'House Of Payne', till she finally decided to divorce him.

'House Of Payne' airs on BET on Wednesdays at 8 pm. 

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