'House Of Payne' Season 9 Episode 18: When will Curtis-Ella plot end? Fans slam Tyler Perry for 'dragging' show

Fans are sick of the same high storyline in 'House Of Payne' and are calling out Tyler Perry for 'wasting the entire show on one topic'

                            'House Of Payne' Season 9 Episode 18: When will Curtis-Ella plot end? Fans slam Tyler Perry for 'dragging' show

If you had hope that tonight's episode of Tyler Perry's 'House Of Payne' would be on something else, you thought wrong. It has been three episodes and we're still on Curtis (LaVan Davis) and Ella (Cassi Davis) being high. Fans are positively sick of this storyline and are asking the real questions: What happened to Malik (Doc Shaw) and his stripper girlfriend? What happened to Calvin (Lance Gross) and Miranda (Keshia Knight Pulliam)?

The Curtis-Ella high storyline has been going on for eternity now, ever since CJ (Allen Payne) and Janine (Demetria McKinney) discovered a vape pen in Jazmine's (China Anne McClaine) pocket. First Curtis got high and then Ella did.

"This would’ve been a great storyline if it centered around Jasmine & Caleb! If we could’ve seen her being pressured into smoking & hiding it from her family NOT almost 4 episodes of Curtis & Ella & CJ repeating the same 3 lines #HouseOfPayne," a fan tweeted. "I missed a few episodes and they still high ain’t nothing else going on? #houseofpayne," another wrote. 

"I swear they dragging the f**k out of these episodes. Stick a fork in it Tyler your writing is horrible #houseofpayne," a fan wrote. "Isn't this like the 3rd episode of them being high?? Are we gonna find out what's going on with Malik's pregnant girlfriend or Calvin & Miranda #houseofpayne," another tweeted. "They really have to stop wasting the whole entire show on one topic or scene like come on now Curtis been high for almost 3 episodes," a fan tweeted. 














Fans are right because many threads are still hanging loose. The story of Miranda and Calvin still remains forgotten, after a whole lot of drama. Most of the season was spent on their sordid tale and whether they would finally get back together after years of separation.

Miranda wanted to give her relationship with Calvin a second chance, but he had moved on with Laura, by that time. Miranda and Calvin even shared a kiss, something that wasn't even addressed later. The season finale is approaching and there's a lot to be tied up.
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