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'House of Payne' Season 9 Episode 12: Miranda walks in on Calvin and Laura kissing, fans say 'learn to knock'

That's all that fans had to say after watching the episode, presumably because they're quite sick of Miranda's invasive behavior


In the latest episode of 'House Of Payne', apart from Curtis (LaVan Davis) reverting to his old gambling habits, there was the usual Calvin (Lance Gross)-Miranda (Keisha Knight Pulliam) drama. Ella (Cassi Davis) finds herself stuck between Miranda and Laura, just like her son, and can't seem to pacify either. Well, at the end of the episode, Laura finally comes around to tell Calvin that she's in love with him — just after she tells him that all the things Miranda said about him were not lies.

Miranda apparently told Laura that Calvin wasn't a good husband and that he wasn't ambitious. Nothing quite comforting as your current girlfriend relaying the things your ex told you, is there? Nevertheless, Calvin and Laura share a kiss at the end of the episode and Miranda walks in on them. She really needs to learn how to knock — that's all that fans had to say after watching the episode, presumably because they're quite sick of her invasive behavior.

"I knew as soon as they started kissing, Miranda was going to walk in, and without knocking #HouseOfPayne," a fan wrote.


"Miranda, I don't know what you're used to but walking up in ppl house unannounced will guarantee a cap in yo a** #HouseOfPayne," another fan wrote.


"The next house Miranda walks in unannounced needs to give her one of these. Stop walking into people's house. #HouseOfPayne," another tweeted.


Some were irritated with Laura. "WHAT!?! I don’t like this Laura girl!! They whole dialogue was weird af! He technically bash Calvin then say you love him & sorry 
#HouseOfPayne," a fan tweeted. 


Others were furious with Miranda for telling Laura such things. "Not ambitious? Calvin had a whole a** good paying job at the firehouse. Eyes wandering? Miranda used to googly eye & flirt with her ex fiance David right in front of Calvin's face. They BOTH kissed other people & forgave each other for it & moved on. WTF Miranda?!" a fan tweeted.


Needless to say, it's going to be a long time before the Calvin-Miranda-Laura drama gets sorted. Will Calvin marry Laura or return to his ex? 

'House Of Payne' airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm.