'House of Gucci' Ending Explained: How everything ended for Patrizia and the Guccis

'House of Gucci' Ending Explained: How everything ended for Patrizia and the Guccis
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Ridley Scott’s ‘House of Gucci’ has finally been released and earned polarizing reviews from the critics. The reason for such polarizing reviews has been the way Scott has chosen to tell the story. The movie revolves around the relationship between Maurizio Gucci and Patricia Reggiani. The ex-couple met each other and got married two years after dating. However, Patrizia soon became arrogant and wanted to have the Gucci Empire in her pocket.

A lot of things happen where Patrizia managed to pit the members of the Gucci family against each other in order to claim what she believed was hers. Maurizio was stunned to see his wife turning into a maniac and doing extreme things to have everything. The power of money took over her and wanted to be in the top-tier of the Gucci Empire



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However, things started going down once Maurizi got to know about what Patrizia was doing. So, what did Maurizio do? and will Patrizia take revenge for what Maurizio did to her? Let’s take a look at how their stories ended.


‘House of Gucci’ Ending Explained: What happened to Maurizio Gucci?

Maurizio Gucci was having the time of his life with Patrizia Reggiani and after getting married, they were living far away from the rest of the Gucci family. However, they came back when Aldo (Al Pacino) called him and told him to take care of Gucci. His father passed away and he became the owner of 50% of shares of Gucci. On the other hand, Patrizia wanted more because Aldo believed that the brand will be run only the way he wants it to be.

Things started to get a bit difficult in their marriage as Patrizia became obsessed with taking over Gucci. Maurizio told her to slow down and don’t get too much involved in it. Patrizia sent Aldo to jail for evading taxes and filed a lawsuit against Paolo Gucci (Jared Leto). Maurizio Gucci and Patrizia started having arguments as Patrizia was starting to be more controlling.


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However, authorities raid their house and Maurizio manages to escape.
A few days later Maurizio and Patrizia meet only to have more fights. Maurizio leaves Patrizia and doesn’t come back. He makes his friend visit Patrizia, who tells her that Maurizio wants the marriage to end. They get divorced as Maurizio starts living with another woman.

Elsewhere, Aldo comes out of the jail and gets to know that Paolo has given his shares to Maurizio. A few days later, Paolo, Aldo, and Maurizio meet to discuss the matter but Aldo is angry with Maurizio and calls him a “traitor”. He signs the papers and gives him his shares as well. Now, he owns Gucci.
Maurizio tries to reinvent the brand by roping in new faces. He meets Anna Wintour and others to collaborate with him, but no one wants to work with Gucci. Finally, they hire Tom Ford as the creative director and he takes the brand to a whole new level. But, the sales are going down and Gucci as a brand is going down as well. So, they want Maurizio to step down and let someone take the charge.

Maurizio steps down and a new leader for Gucci is not announced.


‘House of Gucci’ Ending Explained: How did Patrizia take revenge?

Patrizia Reggiani was shocked to learn that Maurizio wanted to have a divorce. She was adamant that he should come here and talk like a real man. Patrizia meets Maurizio and tries to emotionally blackmail him that she loves him, but Maurizio says that he doesn’t because she doesn’t know what she has become.

Patrizia meets Auriemma (Salma Hayek), the tarot card reader who tells Patrizia to not back down and takes revenge. They both plan something and meet two men for achieving what they want to. Patrizia gives them the job to assassinate Maurizio and not miss the target. She gave them 600 million Lira (Italian currency before 2002) to do the job.


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While going to his office, he was stopped in his tracks by one of the killers and shot three times in the back. He died on the scene. Patrizia’s story ended with an 18-year sentence for planning to kill her while Auriemma and the hitman Benedetto Ceraulo were also convicted in this case.


‘House of Gucci’ Ending Explained: What happened to Aldo and Paolo Gucci?

The father-son duo of Aldo (Al Pacino) and Paolo Gucci (Jared Leto) did not have a happy ending. Aldo was sent to jail for evading taxes for years while Paolo was told to stop with his designs because of a lawsuit that said he copied those styles. When he believed that he couldn’t do anything, Paolo sold his shares to Maurizio.

A few months later Aldo came out of the prison and started living with his son. Paolo told him that he sold his shares. At first, Aldo was really angry, but he told his son that he did right. During a meeting between Aldo, Paolo, Maurizio, and his lawyers, Aldo signs the papers and gives his shares to Maurizio as well. With this transfer, Maurizio became the sole owner of Gucci.


Al Pacino as Aldo Gucci in 'House of Gucci' (Universal)


This is how the movie ended for all the characters in the movie and this is how it ended for them in real life as well. Tom Ford became the creative director of the brand and put Gucci at the forefront of fashion once again. As of now, Marco Bizzarri owns the brand with Alessandro Michele being the creative director.


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