'Hot Mess House': Organizing expert Cassandra Aarssen shares 3 questions that'll help you declutter your home

'It’s easier to start when the goal only takes 15 minutes,' says Cassandra in an interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW)

                            'Hot Mess House': Organizing expert Cassandra Aarssen shares 3 questions that'll help you declutter your home
Cassandra Aarssen (PR Handout)

That lone piece of lego that doesn't fit into any puzzle, a broken hair clip, documents that are dated, empty boxes that occupy closet tops and shelves — we might think we need them all hoping and praying that they'll someday be useful. But more often than not, they rot away in one corner and more importantly, take up and clutter a significant amount of space. Decluttering can be daunting and is not for everyone, but Cassandra Aarssen of 'Hot Mess House' makes the process simple.  

In an interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Cassandra shares the best, most doable tidying up tips that will spruce up your abode in minutes. Most of us are hoarders, we like to hold on to stuff, which isn't a major issue till the time items start to pile up and spillover. However, Cassandra reveals a sure-fire way to go about differentiating between the things you really need and the ones that need to be trashed. 

"The three questions you ask yourself are: 'Have I used this in the last 12 months?', 'Do I love this item?' and 'Would I buy this again?'. If the answer to those questions is no, then that stuff has to go," she says, but it's easier said than done. While for a few some items have sentimental value, others fear wasting money on newer items. "Many times, it’s simply a case of not organizing for their unique style or not dedicating the time to make decluttering a priority," she shares. 

The point is, everyone may have a different reason to hoard or stock things, but the only solution to clutter is "letting go of the unused items in your home and organizing the things you do use."

The challenge doesn't end here, once the house has been uncluttered, the individual needs to make efforts to ensure that it stays that way.  "The two biggest challenges to staying organized long term are trying to use a system that isn’t designed for your organizing type and unfortunately, bad habits," Cassandra explains and elaborates that if one is habituated of tossing dirty clothing on the floor then adding a hamper would help resolve that issue. However, it won't completely go away till the time the individual decides to put the laundry in the hamper. 

"Creating new organizing habits is much easier when you are working with your natural organizing style though," she points out. Cassandra also realizes that decluttering may seem like one giant task and just getting started puts people on the edge. But, she believes that it's a slow process and one should take one area at a time. "It’s easier to start when the goal only takes 15 minutes, but the progress you make in those 15 minutes will create momentum to keep going," she adds. 

 Cassandra stars in HGTV's 'Hot Mess House' that premieres on June 24, Wednesday.

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