'Hot and Heavy': Kristin decides to lose weight but Rusty is not too happy and says he loves her the way she is

Kristin is trying to turn her life around but Rusty says he doesn't mind if she puts on some more weight

                            'Hot and Heavy': Kristin decides to lose weight but Rusty is not too happy and says he loves her the way she is
Kristin and Rrusty (TLC)

Kristin Keadle is all set to change her life as she decides it is time for her to start working out and shed some weight. However, her husband, Rusty Keadle did not seem pleased with the idea. Kristin and Rusty have been married for two-and-a-half years and the two have been meaning to take the next step in their life.

While the two want to have a child together, Kristin's weight was posing as a problem. One of their mutual friends suggested that one way to go about it would be Kristin undergoing bariatric surgery.  However, Rusty did not seem happy about the idea. Going against his wishes, Kristin decided to visit a doctor to get a clearer picture of her possibilities of getting pregnant.

The doctor told Kristin that the possibility to have a child increases if she undergoes the surgery. However, she would be approved for the surgery once she loses 30lbs. Kristen knew that she has to start working out and decides to get a personal trainer to get started on her weight goal. 

While she was motivated to start something new, Rusty, on the other hand, was not supportive. He revealed that he loved Kristin the way she is and would often encourage her to wear figure-hugging clothes that would allow her curves to be showed off. He further added that he wouldn't mind Kristin putting on some more weight.

While Kristin was not happy to hear this, she was confused about why Rusty was not supporting her while she decided to take a healthier path. Things became hard when Rusty tries to tempt Kristin into eating sweet. She confronts him and states that he just wants to keep her fat and not turn her life around. 

Kristin was not happy that despite giving him time to process the idea of having a surgery Rusty was not prepared. Looking at how Kristin reacted, Rusty wondered if she had changed and longed to have the same "fun" Kristin that he was married to. However, she made it clear that she was heading for a change and he had to accept it. 

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