'Hook' Episode 2: Saifah and Man are about to walk into the world of boxing and make it their passion

'Hook' Episode 2: Saifah and Man are about to walk into the world of boxing and make it their passion
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'Hook' Episode 1 ended with Saifah (Mean Phiravich Attachitsataporn) asking Man's (Peak Peemapol Panichtamrong) father to coach him in boxing. Of course, Man's father has retired and is now nothing more than a drunk who continues to rest at the gym. So he refuses and leaves Saifah disappointed. However, Man's sister ends up offering her assistance to Saifah. Saifah has been friends with both Man and his sister and it is only a few years in between where they had lost contact, so this assistance makes him extremely happy. 

The hopelessness that Saifah felt at being attacked and not being able to respond or defend himself had pushed him to take this step. In the meantime, Man has his own reasons for wanting to become better at defending himself. He is being followed by a group of college thugs who want to teach him a lesson. After he learned that Saifah was attacked by the same group for helping him earlier, Man loses his temper and ends up tracking the men where he attacks them. 

The impetus for Man's temper turned out to be the fact that his friend Saifah was attacked and that pushes him more than anything to throw multiple punches at bullies. As the two friends step closer to becoming credible boxers, the upcoming episode is expected to follow the journey of how these two men find their interest in boxing and how it becomes a passion. According to the official plot, the two are expected to start a boxing club at the college. However, for now, the two are at the beginning stages of finding their footing.

The show has so far not drummed up too much interest. However, considering the reputation that Mean has built over the time for being a part of BL shows, this might change. The show also doesn't place too much attention on the female lead character Dao, and the upcoming episode will tell us if she will be a bigger part of Saifah's life or if she will remain a plot device that pushed Saifah to be able to defend himself and the girl he likes. 

The new episode of 'Hook' will release on July 11 on GMM 25 and can be streamed on Netflix.

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