‘Homemade Christmas’: Meet Michelle Argyris, Travis Nelson and rest of the cast of Lifetime's holiday movie

Lifetime gives us more mistletoe moments with ‘Homemade Christmas’ as the heroine saves Christmas

                            ‘Homemade Christmas’: Meet Michelle Argyris, Travis Nelson and rest of the cast of Lifetime's holiday movie

Unlike every year, Megan’s plans to make extra money by serving as a freelance assistant to help with Christmas related tasks don’t unfold the way she expects it to when she has no choice but to choose between the man of aspirations and Mr Right. Want to know what happens next? Meet the cast of Lifetime’s upcoming holiday film ‘Homemade Christmas’ here ahead of its premiere on November 22. 

Michelle Argyris 

Michelle Argyris (Getty Images)

Michelle appears as Argyris in ‘Homemade Christmas’. She was born in Ontario, Canada. She has two Honors degrees in French studies and Communication Program from York University.  Besides being a multi-faceted French and Macedonian actress, she is known for her competitive dancing skills, for being a national gymnast, fitness instructor and athlete. She represented Team Canada as a cheerleader at the world championships.  It was her talent in athletics and passion for acting that paved a career for her in the entertainment industry. She is well-known for featuring in shows such as ‘Loosely Exactly Nicole’, ‘The Bold & The Beautiful’ and ‘Big Top Academy’. She rose to prominence for her acting in the Lionsgate horror-thriller ‘Devil Seed’. 

Margarita Valderrama


The bi-lingual Colombian-Canadian actor Margarita Valderrama essays the role of Jenny in ‘Homemade Christmas’. Apparently, she was named after the drink. She often finds it hard to tell where she is from as she was born in Buenos Aires, raised in Bogotá and Mexico City, and calls Toronto her home for a decade. She has worked as a voiceover artist for animated films and shows and has experience in theatre as well. She is also known to have served as a writer for the short film ‘Date Night’ which won the ACTRA Toronto Shorts Competition and also premiered at the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival in 2019. 

Travis Nelson 

Canadian actor Travis Nelson was born on September 8, 1990 in British Columbia. Besides acting, his passion also lies in photography. With over 1,400 followers on Instagram, he often shares the professional shots he has captured. He has served as a director for a few films. Nelson’s acting and direction credits include ‘Tucker and Dale vs Evil’ from 2010, ‘Dark Hearts’ from 2014 and 2014’s ‘Haunting Melissa’. 

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