Bette Midler mocks Trump Jr after he tests Covid positive, Jimmy Kimmel says 'his dad finally hugged him'

Trump Jr confirmed his diagnosis on Friday, revealing he will spend his time in quarantine clearing guns and watching Netflix

                            Bette Midler mocks Trump Jr after he tests Covid positive, Jimmy Kimmel says 'his dad finally hugged him'
Jimmy Kimmel, Donald Trump Jr, Bette Midler (Getty Images)

Shortly after President Donald Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, was diagnosed with Covid-19, many Hollywood celebrities took to social media to mock him, some even called the diagnosis a "pleasant surprise." Celebrities including Jimmy Kimmel, Bette Midler, Ron Perlman and George Takei took swipe at the Republican when his Covid-19 diagnosis news broke on Friday, November 20.

Trump Jr, who tested positive for Covid-19 this week, confirmed his diagnosis on November 20, revealing he will spend his time in quarantine clearing guns and watching Netflix. His spokesperson, however, said that the president's son is experiencing no symptoms. The spokesperson added that the Republican tested positive for the virus earlier this week and has been "quarantining at his cabin since the result." "He’s been completely asymptomatic so far and is following all medically recommended Covid-19 guidelines," they added.

Trump Jr is the latest member of the Trump family to have contracted the novel coronavirus. President Trump, First Lady Melania, and their son Barron tested positive for the virus in September. They have all since recovered. Shortly after the news broke, multiple celebrities took to Twitter to mock Trump Jr and his family, who have downplayed the seriousness of the virus ever since its outbreak.

ABC’s late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, who recently interviewed former President Barack Obama, wrote: "I guess his father finally hugged him." Actor Michael Rapaport called the news “a pleasant surprise.” He wrote: "Daddy’s Little Accident has Corona!!! #DonaldTrumpJr you filthy infectious P**!!!! Damn! The Best is yet to come! Wow what a pleasant surprise on a Friday. #DisruptiveBehavior." Bette Midler tweeted, “Thugs and players, baby." Grammy Award-winning singer Diane Warren and actress Kristen Johnson expressed sympathy for the coronavirus after hearing the president's eldest son contracted the virus.






Some celebrities including George Takei and Ron Perlman made references to cocaine in their swipe at Trump Jr, who often becomes the butt of jokes and memes for supposedly taking drugs. Comedian Mike Birbiglia also tweeted, writing: "Don junior tests negative for having a soul." He later deleted the tweet. 'Top Chef' host Padma Lakshmi also expressed her take on Trump Jr's diagnosis and denounced him for not taking the virus seriously. She wrote: "Give me a break... I kept hearing about new infections, but... 'Why aren't they talking about deaths? Oh! because the number is almost nothing' — Donald Trump Jr on Oct 30. He now has COVID. Yesterday 1,962 Americans died of COVID. Over 253,000 Americans have died so far." Screenwriter and playwright Paul Rudnick mocked Trump Jr, in a series of quips involving the Republican's girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Sens. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC).






Trump Jr shared a video on Instagram confirming his Covid diagnosis, just months after his father and girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle had tested positive for the disease. He said in the video: "Got the Rona. I’m totally asymptomatic. Going to give it a couple days of quarantine and follow the protocols, then get retested in case it was a false positive as I feel and have felt totally fine." President Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani's son, Andrew Giuliani, also tested positive for the novel coronavirus on November 20.

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