'It's not about you' : Holly Willoughby accused of stealing Meghan Markle's thunder but fans come to her rescue

Holly was celebrating her sister's 40th birthday, her mum's 70th birthday party and the royal wedding. There was a dress code and so she chose to wear her own bridal gown.

                            'It's not about you' : Holly Willoughby accused of stealing Meghan Markle's thunder but fans come to her rescue
Holly Willoughby(Source:Getty Images)

While everyone was eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of Meghan Markle's wedding, TV presenter and model Holly Willoughby had plans of her own. She revealed on This Morning that she was planning to wear her own wedding dress as she united with her mother, Lynne, and sister, Kelly to celebrate their respective birthdays. 

Staying true to her words, Holly did exactly that. She showed up at the party wearing the bridal gown she wore when she wed producer Dan Baldwin in 2007. There is no doubt that Holly looked drop-dead gorgeous as she showed off her flawless curves. Even after a decade, she looked as beautiful as she did on the day of her wedding. However, for some, the idea of Holly wearing her wedding dress on the day when Duchess of Sussex was set to wed the Duke, did not fit well.

Throughout the event Holly kept her Instagram viewers updated with what they had been up to. Sharing photos from the venue and showing off her slender figure in her wedding dress, Holly gave a lot for the viewers to see. In the first picture she shared, Holly posed along with her mother and sister and it was a picture-perfect shot. 

"So it’s the Royal wedding, my sisters 40th and my mums 70th birthday party at the Willoughby residence today!!!! ... I blame you @ladywilloughby for the dress code!!!! #whynot #happiness #love,' followed by love emojis," she captioned the picture. The next picture showed her in her bridal gown as she held on to a glass of champagne. She captioned the picture as "She is soooooo beautiful... just a wedding day of dreams.... congratulations to Meghan and Harry xxxx," followed with heart emojis.

But many were not pleased with the pictures. "I know it was your sis and mums birthday however Why?? It just makes you look like your trying to upstage Meghan Big mistake Huge," one person wrote. Another person commented, "Sorry Holly but it’s not about you." However, there were many fans of Holly who were there to rescue her from the cruel comments of some hateful people. 

Many appreciated how Holly looked. "Stunning Holly! Brilliantly fun dress code - ignore the haters! X" wrote one fan. "Some of these comments are ridiculous. If Holly wants to wear a white dress let her. For people to say she's being up her self if funny as she's one of the most humble people. Personally, I think she looks gorgeous," another commented. Some even pointed in Holly's defense that there was a dress code to the party and she was merely abiding by it.