'Holidays With The Houghs': Derek Hough performs 'Winter Song', leaving fans teary-eyed

'Holidays With The Houghs': Derek Hough performs 'Winter Song', leaving fans teary-eyed
(L-R) Derek Hough and Julianne Hough (GETTY IMAGES, Kevin Winter)

It was a good idea on NBC's part to conduct an hour-long special with the Hough siblings. 'Holidays With The Houghs' has everything, from starry performances, to playful comedy between Julianne and Derek Hough, and some soulful renditions of Christmas songs.

On the show, Derek Hough performed Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson's song 'Winter Song', quite soulfully and fans were full of praise.

"@derekhough's rendition of "Winter Song" is so angelic and empowering! And so special! <3 #HolidaysWithTheHoughs," wrote one fan.

"Yes @derekhough, playing the piano & singing.. That was beautiful #HolidaysWithTheHoughs," tweeted another.

One fan asked, "What can Derek Hough not do??!"

Another fan exulted, "#HolidaysWithTheHoughs I had no idea #DerekHough could sing! I'm surprised he didn't have the chance on Nashville during his stint."

"Derek’s voice just made me emotional," tweeted another.

Prior to this, his sister Julianne had performed a song on roller skates. Singer Ciara put her spin on 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town', and sang a heartfelt rendition of 'Winter Wonderland'. Nee-Yo graced the show as well.

In an earlier interview with E!, asked what can be expected from this grand show, Julianne had answered, "This is the combination of all of the things. We have done Grease and Hairspray, which were characters we got to play, but this is really showcasing and celebrating the fact that Derek and I get to do what we love and connect with each other. There is no better way to do that than with what bring people together—the holidays. We are really taking it back to the O.G. variety shows and I feel extremely honored and blessed."

'Holidays With The Houghs' is airing on NBC at 10 pm ET. Tune in and let the holiday vibes spread to you! 


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