'Holiday Rush' Preview: With things falling apart, can a fired RJ play Santa and save Christmas for his children?

When life goes spiraling down, Rush tries to hold it together for the sake of his family. But the big question is will he succeed in giving his kids a Christmas they all deserve?

                            'Holiday Rush' Preview: With things falling apart, can a fired RJ play Santa and save Christmas for his children?

Holidays are the best days to spend with your family because they're all you've got. Sometimes things go awry and as they start to fall apart, keeping the family together becomes the most difficult part. This is loosely the premise of the Netflix film 'Holiday Rush'. 

The title partly derives from the name of the protagonist, Rashon 'Rush' Williams. He is on a mission to save Christmas for his family of four kids. He has the perfect job as a Radio Jockey (RJ) at a popular station. He has taken his show to the topmost level with his dynamic personality, and RJ skills. 

Not only is he an amazing professional, but also the perfect father to the four kids. They stay in a big mansion where all their demands are met almost instantly. His aunt Jo constantly keeps complaining that he is spoiling the kids! 

It is later revealed that he's a widower who is trying to fit in both the shoes and tyrying to give his kids all the love they deserve. Aunt Jo is trying to give a dose of reality check to the kids and thinks that they're really fortunate to have all the richness of life. The kids are pretty snappy and rude to her and they hate being told what to do. 

But there comes a day when Rush gets laid off because of downsizing at the office. This happens just around Christmas, despite the amazing things he has done for the station. 

As he recalls his past with his late wife, and his promise to take good care of the kids and build them a life. But when all comes crashing down just before Christmas, he becomes depressed and directionless. Roxy Richardson, a colleague who also got laid off at the same time, comes in and helps Rush rediscover more avenues. 

When he tells the news to his kids over dinner they have the most epic reactions - especially the part where they decide to move into their old house. As the plot unfolds partially, we see Rush and Roxy bonding a lot more as they start their own brand new radio station as Rush refurbishes his lost charm. 

So, what matters this Christmas is not what you've got but who you've got around you! We see a lot of struggle, but in the end, it should definitely be worth it, after all, we all deserve some happy endings, don't we?  

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'Holiday Rush' is coming to your screens on Netflix on November 28, 2019. 

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