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Outrage after hockey fan wearing ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ sweatshirt is kicked out of Wichita game

The unidentified hockey fan was taken out of the arena after she reportedly made obscene gestures while wearing a sweatshirt with the infamous chant
An unidentified hockey fan was escorted out of the arena located in Wichita, Kansas on Sunday, November 7 (Twitter)
An unidentified hockey fan was escorted out of the arena located in Wichita, Kansas on Sunday, November 7 (Twitter)

The controversial 'Let's go, Brandon!' chant has made its way to the hockey viewing public after featuring on iTunes charts, Southwest Airlines flights, and among Major League Baseball crowds.

A hockey fan was escorted out of the game arena located in Wichita, Kansas on Sunday, November 7, for wearing a sweatshirt with the now infamous chant. The drama took place during the ECHL game between the Kansas City Mavericks and Wichita Thunder, an affiliate of the Edmonton Oilers. Two arena staffers were seen in a viral clip walking up to a woman seated near the glass. Following a brief conversation, the unidentified woman was escorted from her seat and out of the arena. The crowd was quick to recognize the situation and broke out in a 'Let's go, Brandon' chant to the cheers and applause of the remaining fans within the arena. The fan being ejected joined the chorus as she walked up the arena stairs, raising her hands in acknowledgment.


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Social media was inundated with criticisms against the move to escort the fan out of the game. "I’m stunned that a woman was escorted out of a hockey game in Wichita by security for wearing a Let’s Go Brandon shirt. Wonder which gulag she’s been sent to?" one tweeted. "I just saw a video of a woman escorted out of a Wichita Hickey game for wearing a 'Let’s go Brandon' sweatshirt! Yes, it did occur! Can u imagine?" a comment read. "Boycott the NHL communist sympathizers! Let’s Go, Brandon!" another added.




Thunder responded to the situation in a statement clarifying that the fan was not ejected for the sweatshirt, but rather for using "inappropriate language and gestures" directed at those around her. "She wasn’t kicked out for the sweatshirt. The rest of her party wearing the sweatshirts remained at the game. She was removed by arena security after multiple warnings, because she was using inappropriate language and gestures toward those around her," they wrote on Twitter.



The political left has been outraged by the viral "Let's go, Brandon!" chant against President Joe Biden. However, it must be noted that former president Donald J Trump also faced numerous derogatory verbal assaults while he was in office. “We’re going to impeach the mother fu***er," Democrat Rep Rashida Talib once notoriously declared while Hollywood actor Robert DeNiro has said, “F*** Trump,” on many occasions.

However, none of the slogans against Trump gained the viral notoriety of the anti-Biden 'Let's Go Brandon' chant. It all started on October 3 when NBC sports reporter Kelli Stavast was interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama after the racer scored his first career NASCAR Xfinity Series victory. Stavast was caught on camera reporting that the crowd at the stands behind were chanting "Let's go, Brandon!" when in reality they were chanting "F**k Joe Biden." The phrase has since become a pro-Trump, and anti-establishment slogan against Biden.


“This is, I think, a witty and funny viral take on the media’s dishonesty that they tell us something that is clearly not true that we can see with our own eyes, and that is why I think it’s so popular with so many people,” Outkick founder Clay Travis said during a recent appearance on Fox's 'America’s Newsroom' about the slogan's viral appeal.