'Hoarders': 5 things you need to know about A&E reality TV show

'Hoarders': 5 things you need to know about A&E reality TV show
A still from 'Hoarders' (IMDb)

If you have OCD or are a neat freak, 'Hoarders' is an up-and-coming reality series that might irk you but is indeed satisfying to watch. The show airs on A&E and depicts the real-life struggles and treatment of people who suffer from compulsive hoarding disorder. People with this disorder simply don't throw things, but instead hoard them obsessively. This behavior, incidentally, reflects their mental wellbeing. 


Each episode is hour-long, and during most of the first season, the hoarder on the show worked with either a psychiatrist/psychologist or a professional organizer. Interestingly enough, each of these professionals has specialized in one or more aspects that deal with obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD), anxiety disorders, and/or hoarding, which are all serious mental health concerns.



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When does 'Hoarders' release and where can you watch it?

The show premieres on October 18, 8/7c, only on A&E. 

What is 'Hoarders' all about?

The official synopsis reads: "A reality TV show that features compulsive hoarders, people who are addicted to filling their homes with objects and how that spills out into their lives."

Who stars in the reality show?

Matt Paxton (IMDb)


Matt Paxton

Matt Paxton, one of the top Hoarding Clean-Up experts in the US, is the founder of Clutter Cleaner and the proud author of 'The Secret Lives of Hoarders'. He also appears as an expert on the show 'Hoarders'. For over a decade now, Matt has dedicatedly been cleaning hoarded homes! Impressive, indeed! He used his learnings to further create the 'ServiceMaster Restore Hoarding & Estate Cleanup Program'. This baby of his helps to provide focused cleaning nationwide. A lovely initiative goes without saying! In addition to his endeavors, Matt also travels the country as and when he can, to impart knowledge and give talks on hoarding awareness, and how to effectively communicate with a loved one struggling with the same.


The show also stars Robin Zasio and Dorothy Breininger.


The EPs of the show are Dave Severson, Andrew Berg, David McKillop, Elaine Frontain Bryant. George Butts, Jessica Morgan, Matt Chan, and Mike Kelly.




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