Hitler fanatic shoots dead ex and two of her family members before killing himself in horrific murder-suicide

Elizaveta Khlyupina, 23, was killed alongside her mother Svetlana Tivchenko, 52, and four-year-old nephew, Matvey, by Sevastyan Putintsev

                            Hitler fanatic shoots dead ex and two of her family members before killing himself  in horrific murder-suicide
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After a model ended her five-year-long relationship with her Hitler-loving boyfriend, she was handcuffed, tortured, and then shot dead, according to the police. 

The incident took place in Moscow, Russia, where the victim, Elizaveta Khlyupina, 23, was shot dead alongside her mother Svetlana Tivchenko, 52, and four-year-old nephew, Matvey, were fatally shot by Sevastyan Putintsev, 21. After killing the three, the suspect took his own life in a horrible murder-suicide which happened just seconds before the police broke into the model's apartment, The Sun said. 

Khlyupina, who was an aircraft design student and part-time model, managed to dial the emergency helpline number after her former boyfriend shot her in the ear. After the cops responded to her house, they heard four more gunshots before they could force their way inside. According to reports, the faces of the model and her mother were shockingly “disfigured” suggesting that both of them had been tortured by the suspect prior to their deaths. 

As part of the investigation, the authorities also raided the suspect's home. During the search, they discovered a number of Nazi memorabilia including multiple pictures of Hitler, a swastika, and a Nazi uniform. There was also evidence that Putintsev met with other far-right extremists in Ukraine, the reports said. CCTV footage recovered from the victim's home showed the suspect entering his ex-girlfriend's house with a Saiga shotgun, for which he obtained a license just days earlier. It was the murder weapon used to kill the victims. 

The suspect had been expelled from Moscow Financial University and had since been conscripted to the Russian army. He was dumped by his model girlfriend after the two had a “stormy” relationship. A neighbor said following their breakup, Putintsev was seen coming to the victim's window with a bouquet of flowers and also sang songs presumably to woo her back but it did not work. She refused to meet him. “Then a couple of days ago, late in the evening, he was screaming under the windows that he loved her,” said the neighbor.  “Liza (Elizaveta) refused to come out to see him. He was behaving strangely.”

After that Putintsev suspected Khlyupina of having an affair with someone else and was reportedly "jealous." The day of the murder-suicide, the neighbor remembered hearing screams coming from the apartment where the victim lived. "There was a terrible female scream as if someone was being cut to pieces. It was a female adult voice. Then there was shooting.  I was in the lift, went downstairs, and two [police] cars arrived… Police ran upstairs. Then there was shooting but they couldn’t get inside (in time)," the neighbor said. 

The third victim who was a young boy, was the son of Elizaveta’s elder sister Inna. Following Khlyupina's death, her university classmate Taras Fyodorov described the victim as a “sweet, kind, with a great character”. He added: “I can’t understand that someone could harm her.”

Earlier his month we reported that a 23-year-old former Miss Hitler beauty pageant contestant, Alice Cutter, and her former Nazi fiance, Mark Jones, 25, were been convicted for being members of National Action, a banned far-right terror group. Cutter, following a retrial at Birmingham Crown Court earlier this year, was found guilty of membership of the terrorist group along with her former partner Jones.

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