John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and seven vodka shots, what could possibly go wrong

Hillary Clinton shared some fond memories of John McCain, including how they once did vodka shots together on a trip to Estonia

                            John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and seven vodka shots, what could possibly go wrong

While recounting memories of late Senator John McCain, Hillary Clinton narrated how they once did vodka shots together while on a diplomatic trip to Estonia.

Speaking to CNN, Clinton remembered the time she spent with the celebrated war hero and other colleagues in 2004 when she was a Democratic senator from New York. “We had fun and laughed a lot. We had some drinking associated with our fun,” she said.

Clinton recalled “a memorable night in a hotel right on the old square doing vodka shots” while the duo was in Tallinn, Estonia. However, she denied that the drinking contest was her idea.

“I would not take credit for it. I think it was a mutually agreed-upon venture but we used to say ‘What happens in Tallinn, stays in Tallinn,'” she said, laughing.

It was common for the former GOP presidential nominee to invite younger ranks with him on "codels" - the name used by senators to describe official trips around the world. Nonetheless, Hillary was surprised when he offered her a chance to come along with him.

“During those long, long flights, we had a lot of time to talk. We talked about the unfairness that sometimes infects our politics,” she said. “If you were his friend, he would stand up for you, he would defend you. He didn’t like the personal attacks that went along with politics that became increasingly common.”

Both McCain and Clinton served on the Senate’s Armed Services Committee and worked in unison. “Seeing John with soldiers was really seeing him in his element,” she said. “Every time I went anywhere with him, I learned something.”

McCain also recounted the vodka-drinking contest story in his final book, 'The Restless Wave'. Former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe revealed more details about the contest to TMZ

During the congressional tour in 2004, the Arizona senator challenged the New York senator to a bout of vodka shots, McAuliffe said. Hillary did not back down, she accepted the challenge and beat McCain 4-3 with four shots downed by the Democrat while the Republican had to stop after three.

Appearing on NBC's 'Meet the Press', the former Secretary of State said she would like to toast her old friend with some vodka as soon as she can. “I hope that will happen at some point in the future,” she said.

Although McCain and the Clintons hailed from opposite sides of the political aisle, there was never an iota of animosity brewing between them. The Clintons even attended the late senator's memorial service along with scores of his political rivals.