Hillary and Bill Clinton enjoy a loved-up weekend at friend's son's wedding

Even after being married for decades, the love between the pair has not faded and the pictures prove it.

                            Hillary and Bill Clinton enjoy a loved-up weekend at friend's son's wedding
Hillary Clinton (Source:Getty Images)

Love was in the air for Bill and Hillary Clinton as the pair enjoyed a convivial weekend attending the wedding of billionaire hedge fund manager Marc Lasry's son, who was married at a Connecticut estate that once belonged to Harvey Weinstein. 

Zach Lasry, 28, wed Arianna Lyons, 29, and decided to make their wedding a display extraordinaire by choosing a circus theme for their wedding: acrobats, taxidermist animals and even one clown who hung lanterns off his eyelids. The Clintons joined the celebration as the pair is close friends to the father-of-the-groom, Marc Lasry. Marc moved to the United States from Morocco at the age of 7 years and has always been one of the biggest supporters of Clintons. 

As reported by Daily Mail, he also employed Chelsea Clinton between 2006 and 2009 at his $12 billion hedge fund. Both, Hillary and Bill were seen enjoying the celebration and in one of the photos that were posted online by a guest, the pair was spotted enjoying a nice moment on the dance floor. 

However, absent from the celebrations were Hillary's two favorite ladies - Huma Abedin and Chelsea Clinton. Huma has been laying low but was recently spotted picking up her son Jordan from camp while Chelsea is overseas promoting her children's book 'She Persisted Around the World'.

Meanwhile, it looks like the new owner has made some big changes to the property and a lot more is set to come with his planned demolitions on the property.  Weinstein has already sold all three of his properties in the area, including the two that were used for the wedding. It is believed that the combined cost of the two properties was $16 million. Andrew Bentley, who purchased the two properties, is also the owner of other properties on the street. 

Meanwhile, the Lasry family owns three properties on the block along with their other residences in the town. Their main home was bought from former shock jock Don Imus in 2005 for $14.5 million. The cost of all these properties on the block is expected to be around $30 million. Marc made most of his wealth by starting his own investment firm with his sister Sonia Gardener. Marc attended law school and was working on bankruptcy cases after graduation when he made the decision of starting his own business, Amroc Investments in 1989 and Avenue Capital Group six years later in 1995.

At the start, the group was only managing $10 million but two decades later, it had an estimated value of $12 billion. Guests at the wedding were asked to dress entirely in white and were greeted with a menagerie of taxidermied animals when they entered the reception tent. The guests also had one big blue cake to enjoy during the ceremony.