Tons of melted chocolate spilled onto highway in Poland after truck overturns, all traffic comes to a halt

Tons of melted chocolate spilled onto highway in Poland after truck overturns, all traffic comes to a halt
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A highway in Poland is covered with tons of liquid milk chocolate and it is becoming harder for the clean-up crews to clear it out as the chocolate is hardening.

Reports state that nearly 12 tons of melted chocolate was spilled onto the highway near Slupca, Poland early on Wednesday after a tractor-trailer transporting the chocolate overturned. All traffic on the particular highway has reportedly been halted until after the clean-up is finished.

The New York Times reported that the chocolate spread across all six lanes on the A2 which connects Poznan to Warsaw, blocking traffic in both the directions.

Multiple videos and pictures of excavators struggling to scoop the sticky chocolate were being circulated on Wednesday, with the truck lying on its side in the median.

The driver of the vehicle, aged about 60, reportedly suffered a broken arm and was hospitalized, according to the Associated Press. No other injuries were reported since the accident occurred early on Wednesday morning and there was very little traffic on the highway.

It is still not known what caused the truck to overturn on the highway, reports state.

Poland's fire brigade's senior brigadier Bogdan Kowalski of Slupca, while talking to the AP, said, "The cooling chocolate is worse than snow.

The fire brigade officials said that they would have to use large amounts of hot water to clear the thousands of pounds of hardening chocolate off the highway. They added that hot water would melt the chocolate off the road and would be easier to clean. 

The officials said that the cleaning process would require hours. 

A media officer for the police in Slupca, Marlena Kukawka, told the Times: "We have to remove the truck from the highway first. It will take a few hours or more," she said referring to the cleanup.

The officer said that particular stretch of highway does not see many accidents and the spilled chocolate was definitely the first incident she had encountered.

Kukawka added that the truck which was carrying the chocolate belonged to a company from the south of Poland, however, it was not clear where the vehicle was headed. 

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