'Hightown' Episode 7: Does Junior's fate hint at what future holds for Jackie and Ray in Frankie's grand plans?

The penultimate episode of 'Hightown' sees Junior struggle as Frankie's men Kizzle and Osito track him for betraying their confidence

                            'Hightown' Episode 7: Does Junior's fate hint at what future holds for Jackie and Ray in Frankie's grand plans?
Osito and Junion (Starz)

'Hightown' Episode 7, which is the penultimate episode, begins to tie up all the loose ends together and that is why Junior's fate could be hinting at what Jackie and Ryan's future holds. In this episode, we see Osito (Atkins Estimond) and Kizzle try to track down Junior to kill him. The orders have come from Frankie himself and Junior is aware that he doesn't have too much time. He even calls his girlfriend, mwho he had been lying to all this while, and confesses to her about things that he did in the past. His hand in Sherry's death, him dealing drugs for Frankie and everything else that he had been bottling up. 

Frankie's men are also not the only ones coming after Junior. Jackie received a tip-off about Junior's boat being used to dump Sherry's body, so she wants to have a word with him too. So both Osito and Jackie end up at Junior's girlfriend's place but the former leaves empty-handed, latter struggle to find out Junior's location. Junior is holed up at a motel initially and this is also where he broke up with his girlfriend. However, this isn't where Junior meets his end. In fact, his death was shocking because, until the very last moment, it seemed as if he might get away from Frankie's men.

In fact, Jackie manages to find Junior at the motel and even confront him about Sherry's death. Their confrontation is interrupted, however, by Osito and Kizzle — Frankie's men —and Jackie is put in grave danger too. In saving Jackie, Junior gets captured and taken to the middle of a forest, but he is handed an axe and forced to use it. So Junior kills Kizzle and helps Osito in burying the body. He is expected to leave town, keep his word to Osito as he lived in exile. As far as Frankie is concerned, Junior is a dead man. However, at the end of the episode, Junior is found passed out (we think dead due to OD) in a bathroom. Did Osito betray Junior in following Frankie's orders?

This death also hints at what really awaits Jackie and Ryan. Frankie got his hands on a burner phone and has already instructed Osito to clean up after the detective. It is clear that Frankie wants him dead and it isn't too long before Osito finds a way to end Ray. Frankie has already had Ray's civilian informant inside the jail taken care of. Ray, in the meantime, realizes that he is serious about Renee. He even makes her breakfast but is not too comfortable with her bringing his coat over to the precinct because that world made him look bad. 

Ray also receives word that Junior is in trouble and he begins to track Junior too. Ray also realizes that Frankie is targeting people around him from the jail and so Ray is also under pressure to keep people safe. Now with Osito having met Jackie who is hellbent on finding the truth about Sherry and now Krista's death, her future doesn't seem too safe either. 

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