'High School Musical' is back as a new TV series, Disney reveals plot and character details

It will be shot as a docu-series that is about a group of  East High School students who put up their very own production of 'High School Musical,'

                            'High School Musical' is back as a new TV series, Disney reveals plot and character details

Almost an entire year after Disney announced that a 'High School Musical' TV project was under process for its streaming network, the plans are finally coming into focus. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it is set to debut in Disney's upcoming  Netflix-like direct-to-consumer streaming service. The 10 episode series is said to be titled as 'High School Musical: The Musical.' It will be shot as a docu-series that is about a group of  East High School students who put up their very own production of 'High School Musical,' only to come to the conclusion that there is equal amount of drama happening onstage and offstage. 

Additional to that every episode will have a new rendition of a song from HSM as well as an original song. The series will be executive produced by Tim Federle (Ferdinand) and Oliver Goldstick (Pretty Little Liars). Casting director Julie Ashton has already begun the search for eight series regular roles for the series. 


Here's a look at the characters

RICKY - Deemed to be the snarky sweetheart, and the star of the show, he is desperate to win his ex-girlfriend, Nini, back. And his master plan leads to him auditioning to star opposite her in the schools' production of HSM. His well-known behavior for being the class clown is just to cover up the fear that he isn't good at anything and shows that the only way he made it this far in life by coasting on his charm. He was also voted 'most likely to sleep through his alarm' due to all his late-night binge watch of youtube videos. 

NINI - After finding a new voice and new man over the summer, Nini dumps Ricky, in order to focus on the other important things in her life. She is described as an “iron butterfly,” fiercely loyal to her two moms. She tries her best to never miss 'The American Idol' and 'The Voice'. Nini also loves long showers and sings Ariana Grandes entire catalog. She was voted 'most likely to have a 'Hamilton'lyric as her senior quote.' 

EJ - Apart from being the son of two high-powered attorneys, this senior does whatever he can to protect his new found girlfriend, Nini. He calls Steve Jobs's biography his 'Bible' and keeps a copy of it on his nightstand.  But what no one knows is that, behind all that confident exterior is someone prone to anxiety attacks. He was also voted 'most likely to report another student for cheating on a test.'

ASHLYN - EJ's cousin and the new girl in school, she overcompensates for her insecurities by having a high mouthy attitude. Apart from being a strong devotee of Sara Bareilles she also has a very good political mind.  She also dedicates most of her time and energy to things like horoscopes, meditation, and palm-reading. 

BIG RED - Being Ricky's best friend he is described as the spiritual cousin of both Bill and Ted. Always loved being the third wheel with Ricky and Nini, he becomes devasted when he hears about the couple's breakup. Meanwhile, also having a huge crush on her since middle school, eventually, he joins the school production as a part of the stage screw to get closer to her. He is totally addicted to 'The Walking Dead' and true crime podcasts... 

GINA - Almost a professional, Gina is hell bent and worried as to why she didn't get the lead in the school musical. But when you look at it, she is much better than her stage crazy mother, But poor Gina starts doubting her talent when she doesn't get a lead in the musical. Meanwhile, her talent is not in the best shape either, it has been suffering, hence the reason for her doubting herself. 

VIKRAM - The student choreographer of the school's production, he has Beyonce as his phone wallpaper. He also has his Tony award acceptance speech written in his head and ready. Vikram thinks if his drama teacher as his peer and has lunch in her office every day. His biggest and natural fear till date is failure. 

MISS JEN -  Described as a person with “high-energy and low-reality,” Miss Jenn is the school's new drama teacher. She believes that musicals have the power to save lives. That being said she has a past that is a bit fuzzy. When she doesn’t get the $50,000 budget that she had requested from the school board, she tells Vikram to launch a Kickstarter campaign. Her most used app on her phone is Tinder.



This will be the first series for HSM after Disney Channel's first two TV movies, with the third released in theatres. The franchise served as a career kickstart  for stars including Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and more.

Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.