TikTokers flock to explore 'breathtaking' secret waterfall with infinity pool but locals have a WARNING

TikTokers flock to explore 'breathtaking' secret waterfall with infinity pool but locals have a WARNING
The video of the enchanting waterfall pool has gone viral on social media platforms (@jessi.grassi and @naturalattractionsnsw/Instagram)

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: An incredibly blissful infinity pool has been spotted carved into the side of a waterfall in the wilderness of a national park near Sydney. The video of the enchanting marvel has gone viral on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, leading many Aussies to explore the hidden gem.

If you want also to explore the secret waterfall, you can search for 'Woy Woy Waterfall Pool’ on TikTok or Instagram and you will be mesmerized by the breathtaking water body as water cascades from the face of the rock to the beautiful manmade infinity pool below. Several people have described the pool as "breathtaking" and "tranquil", according to the New York Post. One person wrote on Instagram, “The beautiful Woy Woy pools! Still dreamy in the rain.” However, there is one off-putting detail about the waterfall you might want to rethink before diving into it. 


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The Woy Woy Waterfall pool lies within the Brisbane Water National Park, one hour and 15 minutes drive north of Sydney. No matter how beautiful the pool looks some social media users have pointed out that the water is not hygienic and the brown color of the water could be due to a nearby waste disposal plant. “It’s a nice spot, but don’t swim in it after rains as linked to run-off and has lots of fecal coliforms,” another added. Daily Mail has confirmed there is a waste management facility mere kilometers away that shares its natural waterways with Woy Woy waterfall.

Despite the concerns, the waterfall has become an attraction as many people explore the beautiful infinity pool and it continues to trend on social media. 


Although the construction of the hidden infinity pool is appalling and is still somewhat a mystery, “Apparently it was used to put water into an abattoir nearby since they didn’t have access to any other water on the property,” one person speculated about its mysterious construction.

People are advised to take safety precautions when jumping in for a dip as the ledge beside the pool is narrow and drops down to large rocks underneath and the pool is small and not facilitative for a large crowd. Even though the secret waterfall and infinity pool is hidden deep in the Brisbane Water National Park, there are different routes to reach the destination and they can be difficult to find.

Coasties magazine has shared a step-by-step guide on how to get there, advising to first drive out of Woy Woy on Woy Woy Road heading to Kariong and West Gosford. It is located on the Tunnel Fire Trail from there, one will have to walk 1km till you see a sign that reads, "Turn right to Tunnel Track and Rocky Ponds." Once you hit a dead end, visitors have been advised to turn right, onto a smaller track. After coming across a creek, tourists will need to wade through it where they will reach the top of the waterfall. Nevertheless, the magazine explains there will be a path that opens up to take visitors directly to the infinity pool. 

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