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'Windy City Rehab': Alison tears up while tackling Donovan's mess, fans ask why HGTV is airing 'dirty laundry'

Alison didn't directly blame Donovan for stealing the money but she did put make it evident it was her business partner who was responsible for the poor construction choices
Alison Victoria (Getty Images)
Alison Victoria (Getty Images)

HGTV aired the Season 2 finale of 'Windy City Rehab' this week and it was nothing short of explosive. Alison Victoria, while working on one of her renovation projects in Chicago's three-flat at 1815, W Augusta Blvd, shared how she has been fighting for her reputation and life every single day.

She lost out on half a million dollars that she will probably never get back, receives texts on a regular basis, deals with lawsuits and the media — all because she trusted her business partner Donovan Eckhardt to do the right thing. 

Homeowners have held Alison accountable for the mishaps and construction issues where, she says, she is only responsible for the design but now has to answer them and calm them down because Donovan won't return their calls. It's easy to see she was tired of fighting and broken down from all that was happening around her — the questions, explanations, stop-work orders and more. 

Even though Alison didn't directly blame Donovan for all that went down, she made it evident that it was him who siphoned off all the money and was responsible for the poor construction choices. However, fans didn't seem to appreciate that HGTV would air dirty laundry. 

"The incessant complaining. 45 mins in now and only thing designed was 3 doors. If you drank 1 drop of rum for each time she says Donovan's name you'd still have alcohol poisoning before the end," a fan commented on the network's Facebook page. Another shared: "I do not like the drama of this break up. I love her design, but please we have enough drama in real life as it is. Let's enjoy her wisdom and creativity!!"

"This show has turned into an airing of dirty laundry. Sounds like two people got too big too fast and nobody was taking care of the finances. Sad," a viewer posted. "She doesn’t bother me. The guys are never picked apart. I think her former business partner is a jerk, but the airing of dirty laundry on this show needs to stop," another expressed.

"I tried to watch, but no — have yet to see any of the redeeming qualities that suggest the old Allison of 'Kitchen Crasher' days is still around. And all the finger pointing and blame game — what did HGTV hope to accomplish by airing the dirty laundry?" a fan asked.