'Renovation Island': Bryan and Sarah hold off their ambitious goal of opening the resort in just six months

Bryan and Sarah are not ready to compromise on the quality or aesthetics of the resort renovation, so they decide to push back on the opening date

                            'Renovation Island': Bryan and Sarah hold off their ambitious goal of opening the resort in just six months
Sarah and Brayn Baeumler (HGTV)

When Bryan and Sarah Baeumler decided on taking on the ambitious project of renovating an abandoned resort on a remote island in the Bahamas, little did they know about all the challenges and roadblocks that lay ahead for them. Despite knowing that the renovation project would be far from easy, the couple set up a deadline of mere six months to finish up as much of the renovation and restoration of the resort as they could. Their initial idea was to welcome guests by the end of six months so that they could begin bringing in some revenue to help them carry on with the remaining renovation work across the sprawling 10-acre resort.

It was very important for the Baeumlers to make at least a part of the resort ready for guests within six months because they put in all their savings and investments into the renovation work and purchase of the property, and they needed to have some roadmap to earn back some money from their $10M purchase. But after they reached the island and saw the resort, they knew they had a lot of work at hand. They immediately got to work and began hiring the workers to help them with the huge workload that awaited them.

As they began their work, they realized that the place needed more work than they had anticipated, which also meant they were spending a lot more than they expected. From laying a new roof to changing the flooring and redoing the entire plumbing across the property, the Baeumlers were neck-deep in renovation work. Things between the couple became tense too, as Bryan started feeling the pressure of work getting to him, while Sarah was frustrated with the pace of work and wanted more emphasis to be placed on the resort guest's experience as opposed to focussing on getting the resort quickly ready for opening.

After a few months, as their deadline began getting closer, Bryan and Sarah realized that they were nowhere close to being ready for opening. They then made an executive decision to push back the opening date to an unspecified time, so that they can finish the renovation with a peaceful mind without compromising on the quality or the aesthetics. This should hopefully make things better between the couple. The couple might not have much to worry about since they are already receiving bookings before the project is even completed, so by the time the renovation work is done, they might be packed to capacity. 

'Renovation Island' airs every Sunday at 8 pm only on HGTV. 

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