'Renovation Island': Sarah tells Bryan he prioritizes everything else but their marriage

Bryan surprisingly doesn't deny this either and instead says that some sacrifices were meant to be made for the project

                            'Renovation Island': Sarah tells Bryan he prioritizes everything else but their marriage
Sarah and Bryan Baeumler (HGTV)

The cracks in Sarah and Bryan Baeumler's marriage are gradually broadening. Ever since the couple left their home in Canada to take on their 'once in a lifetime' adventure of moving to the Bahamas to run a resort, things haven't been the same for them. The couple poured in all their money into buying an old, abandoned resort on the island and decided to renovate it and turn it into a tourist hotspot.

Bryan pitched in his expertise as a contractor to help with the renovation by overseeing the operations, while Sarah's keen sense of aesthetics made her a perfect fit for designing and decorating the interiors of the resort. On paper, the duo seemed perfect, but in reality, the two were often seen locking horn with each other over work. 

Bryan and Sarah's outlook towards the resort is drastically different. While Sarah believes that the experience of their guests is very important, Bryan prefers focussing on bringing in the revenue. So, we often see the duo engaging in heated arguments. Also considering that they are working on a stringent deadline with such high stakes, the pressure is unimaginable. So, Bryan often ends up taking out his frustration on Sarah and vice-versa.

The preview clip for the upcoming episode of 'Renovation Island' featured Sarah and Bryan once again engaging in a battle of words. Although we do not know what triggered it, we can see Sarah calling out Bryan and asking him to give "better suggestions" if he has any. Bryan continues working quietly while ignoring his wife's frustrations. Later, we see Sarah having a conversation with Bryan where she points out that Bryan prioritizes everything else over their marriage.

When he hears his wife's observation, he doesn't try to defend himself but justifies it by explaining that when they took on the ambitious project of renovating a resort, some sacrifices had to be made. We don't think Sarah will be too pleased with his response. We can't wait to watch how Sarah will react to it and if the couple manages to stay together and make their marriage work without letting the work pressure get to them.

'Renovation Island' airs every Sunday at 8 pm on HGTV. 

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