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'Renovation Island': Bryan and Sarah go ahead with renovation despite hurricane Dorian hitting the island

Despite the devastating hurricane, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler decide to go ahead with the renovation work so that the staffers can make some money
Sarah and Bryan Baeumler (HGTV)
Sarah and Bryan Baeumler (HGTV)

At every step of the way, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler have had to face at least one challenge or a setback as they embarked on the ambitious project of renovating the sprawling resort they purchased on the Bahamas. From converting an old rundown, abandoned resort into a swanky, tourist hotspot to frequently bickering over the renovation plans, the Baeumlers certainly have a lot on their plate. With just two months ahead of the resort's grand opening, Bryan and Sarah have the weight of the world over their shoulders but unfortunately, aside from stressing over just the opening date and getting the resort ready for the guests, the couple is thrown a new curveball.

This time around, their new curveball isn't something related to their renovation work at the resort but rather an intense hurricane that hit several small islands across the Bahamas. Hurricane Dorian managed to wreak havoc on the island. While Sarah and Bryan were in Canada handling some business back home, the Bahamas was hit with one of the worst hurricanes witnessed in the recent past. 

While the hurricane didn't affect the island of Andros, where the resort is situated, the local construction crew that the couple employed had a very tragic experience owing to the hurricane Dorian. The couple said that 74 immediate family members of their construction crew had lost their lives to the hurricane. 

After hearing how 74 family members of their beloved employees had lost their lives, Sarah expresses how she feels like it is wrong for them to go on with the renovation work while their employees are still reeling from the devastating effects of the hurricane. However, Bryan views the situation differently and points out to Sarah that while it is crushing to watch their employees grieving the loss of their loved ones, the renovation work must still go on so that their employees can continue earning to support their family members.

He then goes ahead and sets up a crowdfunding page to raise funds for the relief efforts on the island and further help and support their employees. In his confessional, Bryan expresses how helpless he felt to watch the island be hit with the hurricane while they were in Canada, and not be there to help the islanders during their darkest hour. Later, the couple revealed that they managed to raise a whopping $200,000 for the relief work, and begin helping out the affected families. 

The couple welcomed the staff back to work with a beautiful party to help the staff feel a little better and help them get their minds off the painful tragedy that they just experienced. 

'Renovation Island' airs every Sunday at 8/7c only on HGTV.