'Renovation Island': Bryan Baeumler tackles outstanding dues of $25k to electricity department in nick of time

Bryan's quick action saved the resort from losing its power supply

                            'Renovation Island': Bryan Baeumler tackles outstanding dues of $25k to electricity department in nick of time
Bryan Baeumler (HGTV)

Bryan Baeumler is beginning to learn that things on the island of San Andros, Bahamas, are way different than the way they are in the States or Canada. For instance, in the latest episode of 'Renovation Island', Bryan is taken by surprise when he learns from the resort's project manager/his right-hand man, that the resort's electricity bill is still due.

Bryan begins wondering when the electricity department personnel would be mailing them their bills when Adam reveals that since there is no mailbox, one would have to go to the department office and check for the bill. Adam then reveals that the electricity department was planning on cutting their supply since no bill has been paid for the past six months. 

Bryan is taken by surprise and asks Adam if he has any idea how much is due to the department. When Bryan learns that a whopping $25,000 bill had been generated, he was shocked. Just as he is still beginning to wrap his head around the huge sum of money that he owed to the electricity department, Adam drops another bombshell. He explains that they have only 15 minutes to pay the bill, before the office closes down for the day, following which their power supply would be cut.

Upon hearing this, Bryan quickly gets on his feet and writes the check to the department before rushing to the office. The duo manages to make it just in time. Adam is seen dropping off the cheques and walking out of the office while heaving sighs of relief. The duo then mentally notes never to repeat such a huge mistake ever again and feel glad that they dodged a major bullet.

'Renovation Island' follows Sarah and Bryan Baeumler, who purchased an old, rundown resort in a remote island on the Bahamas with the hopes of renovating it into a tourist hotspot. The show documents their renovation adventures and how they overcome each of the obstacles that come in the way of renovating a huge space.

'Renovation Island' airs every Sunday at 8 pm only on HGTV.

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