'Renovation, Inc.': Sarah finally manages to impress Bernadette with her exceptional designs

'Renovation, Inc.': Sarah finally manages to impress Bernadette with her exceptional designs
Sarah Baeumler (HGTV)

When Bryan and Sarah Baeumler took on the job of renovating the multi-generational home of Don and Bernadette little did they know the challenges that lay ahead of them? Up until now, Sarah's aesthetics were very well-received by the couple's clients. Her eye for minimal yet sophisticated decor items and designing a space that is both trendy yet comfortable has always been appreciated by their customers. But, she was stumped when she realized that her usual picks and aesthetics failed to impress the hard taskmaster Bernadette.

As Bryan and his crew were busy carrying out the renovation work, Sarah began working on designing the interiors of the newly renovated space. She picked out a few sample tiles and decor ideas which were very traditional and kitschy looking and pitched them to Bernadette. Sarah was hoping that Bernadette would be more open to these unconventional ideas as it will enhance the look of the house. 

Unfortunately for Sarah, Bernadette was far from impressed, as she disliked everything that was presented to her. She expressed to Sarah that she wanted modern and contemporary interiors without any busy patterns on them. She also suggested Sarah to explore black and white color palettes for the interiors. Sarah took in the client's feedback and began reworking on everything.

The next time she saw Bernadette, she brought in options that instantly captured her heart, and she was very happy with them. Sarah even managed to slip in some grays to create contrast with all the black and white in the room. Bernadette was thrilled with Sarah's designs and expressed her excitement to see the final result. In the preview clip for the upcoming episode, we see Sarah showing off the completed project to Bernadette and family. We see a lot of black and white, and zebra prints incorporated into the decor items.

A pleasantly surprised Bernadette could be heard asking Sarah on how she managed to design a room so perfectly with everything she liked. Sarah jokes that she learned enough about Bernadette to understand her tastes. We can't wait to see the finished project either and see Bernadette's response to the big windows, and all the work done in the backyard.

'Renovation, Inc.' airs every Sunday at 8/7c only on HGTV. 

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