'Love It or List It': Albert and Sharnee reveal why they decided to stay put in their old house

A young couple explain to Hilary and David why they backtracked on their decision to move into a new home, and instead decided to stay in their current home

                            'Love It or List It': Albert and Sharnee reveal why they decided to stay put in their old house
Hilary Farr and David Visentin (HGTV)

Back in 2017, we met a young couple named Sharnee and Albert on HGTV hit show 'Love It or List It'. The couple who had been renters all their life, finally bought their very first own home. While they were initially very happy with their purchase, eventually they realized that the house wasn't meeting all their requirements anymore. So, Sharnee and Albert were ready to fly the coop and find a new home that would meet their new requirements.

This is when out lovely designer Hilary Farr and realtor David Visentin entered the picture. While Albert wasn't as keen on moving out of their home, Shharnee was all in for it. So David tried to understand what was keeping Albert from moving, and also found out what were the things that could potentially change Albert's heart. While Hilary took a different approach, she tried understanding the couple's needs and tried to incorporate that into their current home.

One of the biggest concerns for the couple was the lack of space in their home and the absence of a garage. While they absolutely loved the trail they had in their backyard. Hilary was given a budget of $50,000 for the renovation, while Albert had to find a new home for the couple within $200,000. Both Hilary and David had their work cut out for them. While David struggled to find spaces that had everything that the couple wanted within their limited budget, Hilary was left racking her brain trying to remodel their home in such a way that it was more spacious.

David finally found a home that he believed would be perfect for the couple and showed them that. However, the house was priced a little over their budget but met all their requirements. While Hilary did a fantastic job of remodeling the home, she broke in some walls to make the house appear more spacious and lively, and made some changes that gave the house a complete makeover. Albert and Sharnee were spoilt for choice and had a hard time deciding whether they wanted to stay in their current home or list it. After some discussion, the couple decides to list their home, and move into the new space that David had found. That's where the episode had ended in 2017.

Fast forward to 2020, David and Hilary catch up with Albert and Sharnee to see how things were at their end. The couple surprises the hosts by revealing that they had changed their decision and decided to stay put in their current home. They then explain their change in heart by revealing that a few days after they decided to move, Sharnee received an acceptance letter from a nearby university, so they decided to continue staying at the current home to avoid the long commute and other added expenses. The couple then had a baby, which once again kept them from moving,. But this time around, they made some small changes and upgrades to the home to make it more baby-friendly. The end result was that Albert and Sharnee were happy with their decision to stay back, and couldn't stop thanking Hilary for all the work she did on their home.

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