'He's not a dog': TikToker slams adoption agency over Facebook ad for rehoming child

The TikToker uploaded a video showing the adoption agency's Facebook page advertising rehoming of children

                            'He's not a dog': TikToker slams adoption agency over Facebook ad for rehoming child
Kirsta uploaded a video to criticize Second Chance Adoptions (TikTok/ @karpoosy)

A TikToker uploaded a video showing an adoption agency's Facebook page advertising "rehoming" of children as if they were pets, and the video clip has gone viral. Since December 13, the video has gained over 494,000 views, causing fury among viewers. On TikTok, Kirsta, who goes by the handle @karpoosy, uploaded a video about Second Chance Adoption "rehoming" an adoptive kid. In the video, Kirsta says, "Not only do people rehouse adopted children on Facebook. They're treated as if they were dogs."

Second Chance Adoption program helps adoptive parents find new homes for their children. On its Facebook page, Second Chance Adoption shares descriptions and images of children who are available for re-adoption. Kirsta reads from the agency's post about a child, that portrays him as “compliant”, “usually obedient” and “a good eater”. She adds in the video, "He's not a dog. They are literally describing this child like you would see ads for a dog in a shelter.”


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Kirsta, who is an adoptee herself, frequently publishes videos in which she answers questions regarding adoptions, how to advocate for adoptees, and other adoption-related topics. She noted in the video that she didn't know all the facts from one post, but that the tone used throughout the post of Second Chance Adoptions Facebook page was inappropriate.

She explained, "The fact that the first thing they decide to describe this child as is compliant. That is an open invitation to anyone with malicious intent." Kirsta was puzzled as to why Facebook continued to allow the page to publish when "they know there is an underground market of people rehoming children" on their platform.

Over 3,400 people reacted to Kirsta's article, with many asking how the practice of "rehoming" infants was allowed. One user wrote in the comment section of Kirsta’s video, "I've been in FB jail for selling live aquarium fish, but you can sell a whole human child.” Another person questioned, “Facebook banned the trading/selling of live animals but not live humans...?” “This looks like trafficking...how is this legal?!!” yet another person added. 

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