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Ohio cops gunned down Dayton shooter just 30 seconds after first shots were fired and prevented him from entering crowded bar

Officers of the Dayton Police Department are seen in footage responding to the scene just 20 seconds after the shooting spree began

Nine people were killed and at least another 27 injured when gunman Connor Stephen Betts opened fire at the entrance of a Ned Peppers Bar in the downtown Oregon Historic District of Dayton after being denied entry early on Sunday, August 4, morning.

The number of casualties would have undoubtedly gone up if it wasn't for the lightning-quick response of the Dayton Police Department, whose officers responded to the scene and engaged Betts just 20 seconds after the shooting began.

The 24-year-old Betts, from Bellbrook, Ohio, was in full tactical gear —  including a bulletproof vest, mask, and hearing protection — carrying a modified Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 rifle with at least 100 rounds of ammunition. He was shot dead within 30 seconds after the first shots were fired.

Now, the police have released dramatic footage from the scene which shows panicked locals fleeing from Betts, and of the gunman being shot and killed by officers.

The video, which was obtained by Daily Mail, seemed to indicate that Betts first started shooting inside an alley off of Fifth Street, which was where he claimed his first victim.

He then moved down the street, killing eight more people, before he was shot dead at the entrance to a Ned Peppers, with the video showing him getting struck and falling to the ground before he got the chance to enter the bar.

Panicked locals can be seen fleeing from the gunman (Screenshot/Facebook)

A different camera angle shows officers, armed with service weapons, running towards Betts and firing multiple shots. The Dayton Daily News reported that six heroic officers engaged Betts at the scene, including a 22-year veteran of the department. 

They were identified as Sgt. William C. Knight (sworn in Feb. 14, 1997), Officer Brian Rolfes (sworn in April 8, 2016), Officer Jeremy Campbell (sworn in Aug. 5, 2016), Officer Vincent Carter (sworn in April 8, 2016), Officer Ryan Nabel (sworn in April 8, 2016) and Officer David Denlinger (sworn in April 8, 2016). 

It is unclear which officer shot and killed Betts, though Lt Col Matt Carper praised them all and said they were able to "put an end to it quickly". All six officers were later placed on administrative leave, which is a protocol for officer-involved shootings. 

Police also later released the identities of the victims: Lois Ogelsby (27), Saeed Saleh (38), Derek Fudge (57), Logan Turner (30), Nicholas Cumer (25), Thomas McNichols (25), Beatrice Warren Curtis (36), Monica Brickhouse (39) and Megan Betts, (22) who Dayton police confirmed is the gunman's sister. 

Bellbrook, Ohio, Police Chief Doug Doherty announced that they had issued a search warrant on Betts' home but they are yet to determine a motive for the shooting.

(WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT) Watch the video of the police shooting here: