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Machete-wielding Oakland man saves Asian American parents from 4 robbers who attacked them on their porch

'I heard my mom screaming and that's when I ran out. If I hadn't come out, they would have done a lot worse,' the man said
Screengrab showing four men attacking the senior Asian American  couple (Twitter)
Screengrab showing four men attacking the senior Asian American couple (Twitter)

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA: An elderly couple was reportedly attacked and robbed by four Black people in Oakland, but before anything worse happened, their heroic machete-wielding son saved them. Speaking with Dion Lim, anchor for ABC7's sister station ABC7 News in San Francisco, the man whose identity has not been revealed explained the seniors were attacked when they were on their front porch after coming from grocery shopping Monday, March 29 at around 4:30 pm.

Surveillance footage showed the suspects snatching a gold chain from the woman while trying to take a cell phone and keys from her husband’s pockets. “I heard my mom screaming and that's when I ran out. If I hadn't come out, they would have done a lot worse,” the son said. The brave man also stated that while he was changing his clothes, he heard his parents screaming and without wasting a second, he ran barefoot outside. But he did not forget to take a machete to keep the men away from the house.


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The footage of the attack was also shared on Twitter by ABC7 News. Several people commented on the frightening scene as one wrote, “A believe a lot of these cases are not the typical hate against Asians as unfairly blaming them for COVID. I believe a number of them are younger punks taking advantage of victims because they are elderly. Something they would not try if the victim was more viral and younger.”

Another user tweeted, “I thought that young people were more progressive than this... Millennials?! Zennials? Gen Z? What's up? I thought y'all were the Change the World Generation?? Woman gesturing not okYall about "VIBES" yet This is so low vibrational. Not Cool. ((VibeCheckYourFriends).”




“Absolutely appalling, what is wrong with our society that they are targeting a specific ethnicity & an older population?!! The perpetrators are the biggest pansies in the world. Please, let's help the Asian community safe. I think all these perpetrators deserve a meeting with us,” a person on Twitter remarked. While another person said, “Cowards! It’s attacking of elderly and it’s obvious the ones responsible for this and many more. I see no leaders in that community are condemning or reaching out to those responsible.”




“Catch them n no bail, no bond, no hearing Juz jail time. Or better yet. Send them to my PARADISE for ever. Remember; No BBHjzJ,” a comment added. “Lock them up, wait, they are black, police can’t touch them,  they will sue the police,  that’s why they can do whatever they want,  what happens with black lives matter? they can beat anyone but not one can do something to them? That sucks,” a user pointed out.


According to reports, the attack on the seniors happened just a day after a pair from Vietnam was tied in front of their seven-year-old child, while robbers took away much of their life savings, and ransacked their house. Both the families who were attacked are now demanding strict actions against the suspects. They also complained about Oakland police which reportedly did not take proper action in the incidents.