Herman Cain's Covid-19 death trends as Trump delivers acceptance speech at RNC 2020 with no social distancing

'One thousand people at the White House, with no social distancing and not a mask to be found. Who will be tonight’s Herman Cain,' said a user

                            Herman Cain's Covid-19 death trends as Trump delivers acceptance speech at RNC 2020 with no social distancing
Herman Cain and Donald Trump (Getty Images)

President Donald Trump addressed a crowd from the White House on August 27, on the fourth day of the Republican National Convention. According to a Johns Hopkins Covid-19 tracker, more than 180,000 have died and some 5.8 million cases are currently active in the US as of August 27. A CNN report states that as of August 27 afternoon, more than 3,600 Americans had died during the three days of the convention. But these statistics didn’t seem to have an impact on the arrangements of the RNC.

CNN reports that guests weren’t informed about the fact that they needed to be tested for Covid-19 when they arrived at the White House. Chief of staff Mark Meadows told reporters that “a number of people will be tested” for coronavirus, but did not give details about the individuals he was referring to. According to a ‘guest guidance’ document obtained by Politico, attendees should wear protective masks on their arrival at the White House, and in high traffic areas, but can avoid it during the president’s speech. The report quotes an official saying, “Guests who come in close proximity to the president will be tested, while others will be encouraged to wear masks.”

The Politico report further states that Robert Darling, chief medical officer at Patronus Medical, said in a statement provided by the Trump campaign on Thursday that the Republican convention collaborated with the private health management services company “to make certain proper protocols are in place to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals at convention venues.” He is quoted as saying, “...Health professionals have been on site to make certain screening has been done on a consistent basis to ensure the convention meets the highest standards of public safety.”

But photos shared on social media had a different story to tell. According to CNN, around 1,500 guests were there on August 27 evening before the speeches began and there was no social distancing. The 1,500 chairs were kept some six inches apart on the lawn, which did not follow the administration's own guidelines for social distancing, and most attendees were seen without masks, according to the report.

While criticizing the move, some online users brought up the topic of Herman Cain's death. Cain was a former presidential hopeful and was even considered by Trump for the Federal Reserve, as per CNBC. He died at 74 in July after being diagnosed with Covid-19. Cain was present at Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was held despite concerns about crowding during the pandemic. He was a stage four cancer survivor and had tweeted a photo of his from the rally. In the photo, he can be seen with other attendees without masks and maintaining no social distancing.

A July 2 statement from Cain’s social media accounts announced his hospitalization, saying, “There is no way of knowing for sure how or where Mr Cain contracted the coronavirus.” And the Trump campaign informed, after the news of Cain's diagnosis, that he had not met with the president at the Tulsa rally, reports CNBC. According to the report, the campaign stated that all attendees at the event, on their entry had their temperatures checked and that masks and hand sanitizer were given out but not required to use. Before the event began, the campaign had informed that six members of the team involved in event preparations had tested positive and had been quarantined.



After his demise Trump had tweeted, "My friend Herman Cain, a Powerful Voice of Freedom and all that is good, passed away this morning. Herman had an incredible career and was adored by everyone that ever met him, especially me. He was a very special man, an American Patriot, and great friend."


White House correspondent for CBS News, Mark Knoller, tweeted a photo of the arrangements and wrote: "Social distancing not in effect for seats set up for Pres Trump's convention speech tonight on the South Lawn."


Writer Heather Anne Campbell was quick to reply: "Last time he did this, he killed Herman Cain."


Soon other Twitter users also slammed the event arrangements. One said, "Tonight’s RNC is the first time a nomination acceptance speech will be a pandemic superspreader event. They learned nothing from Herman Cain’s demise."


Another said, "Sadly, Herman Cain cannot attend. He died the last time they did this."


One stated, "This super spreader event at the White House tonight WILL kill someone. We should ask Herman Cain what he thinks will happen."


Another commented, "Covid will keep getting many Americans sick & killed until Trump is REMOVED. Trump is NOT up to being President & clearly cant handle this Pandemic. He has held public events that have gotten people killed like Herman Cain. Vote Trump OUT like your life depends on it cuz it does!"


One user said, "One thousand people at the White House, with no social distancing and not a mask to be found. Who will be tonight’s Herman Cain?"


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