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‘Here Kills the Bride’ Review: Ashlee Fuss effortlessly pulls off cold-hearted killer Grace

Brilliant direction by Michael Feifer and stellar performances from the cast make this Lifetime movie an enthralling affair
Ashlee Fuss in a still from 'Here Kills the Bride' (Lifetime)
Ashlee Fuss in a still from 'Here Kills the Bride' (Lifetime)

Lifetime original ‘Here Kills the Bride' has finally been released. If fans love watching a well-made crime-thriller, then they should really watch this one. Directed by Michael Feifer, the film tells the story of Natalie whoi s not what she portrays herself to be. The movie, 'Here Kills the Bride', doesn’t waste any time in getting us hooked right from the start. We see that Natalie is about to marry the love of her life, Alex, who is not aware of her dangerous past. Natalie sees Alex enjoying his bachelorette with strippers a night before their wedding, following which she kills him.
A year later, we see Natalie (Ashlee Fuss) feigning a whole new identity as Grace, a nurse. She and Carlos (Fernando Belo) are head over heels in love with each other. They are about to get married in a week and inform Carlos' family. While this news makes his parents happy, Carlos’ sister Jasmine (Erin Pineda) has an unsettling feeling about this. Grace realizes that Jasmine who can go to any lengths to protect her brother doesn't like her. We also see a string of murders committed by Natalie, including florist Cassandra's (Clark Sarullo) and wedding planner Vanessa, just to ensure that her dark truth doesn't get exposed before Carlos and his family.


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The mystery and suspense around Natalie only deepens further when Jasmine and Carlos have a heart-to-heart real conversation about a childhood accident, which made Jasmine overprotective about her brother. On other hand, Grace (Natalie) is afraid of her bitter past and reality getting exposed so she decides keeping an eye on Jasmine. If you loved watching movies like ‘Fallen Angels Murder Club: Heroes and Felons’ and ‘She Went Missing’, then you should definitely watch this one.

The film gets into the story straightaway and makes sure viewers are glued to their screens. Within the first few minutes of ‘Here Kills The Bride’, we see that Grace (Natalie) is a dangerous woman with a dark past that shouldn’t be messed with. The movie is definitely not for people with faint hearts. It is well-written and filled with loads of suspense that will keep viewers at the edge of their seats. Lifetime movies are always known for their intriguing storytelling and suspense, and this one’s no different as it keeps audiences guessing about when will Natalie’s crimes and past come out in front of Carlos and his family.
When it comes to acting, Ashlee Fuss has portrayed her part as both Natalie and Grace with sheer perfection. Her brilliant performance throughout the film makes us realize that she definitely aced both these characters in the film flawlessly and it proves that this role was definitely tailor-made for her. Her character Grace, even after a year, has violent streaks of going to extremes when things don’t go her way. The crimes that she commits in order to safeguard her happiness of getting settled with Carlos include a charade played by her in hopes of winning Jasmine’s heart, proving that Fuss can switch between two different facets of the character quite effortlessly.

Ashlee Fuss in a still from 'Here Kills the Bride' (Lifetime)

Meanwhile, Erin Pineda, Fernando Belo, Bertila Damas, Emiliano Diez, Aaron Goldenberg and Michelle Pokopac have given mindblowing performances as supporting characters in the film. Hats off to Michael Perronne for writing a screenplay that kept viewers glued to their screens throughout the film. He didn’t take any time in showing what a well written film this was with well-etched characters that did complete justice with their stellar performances in the film. The writing is intriguing and gritty with right doses of suspense, thrill and drama.
Overall, ‘Here Kills The Bride’ is a totally enthralling crime-thriller drama with strong writing and brilliant performances and the perfect amount of crime alongside thriller.