'Her Private Life': Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything else about the Park Min-young show

'Her Private Life': Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything else about the Park Min-young show

'Her Private Life' is a tvN production which is based on a novel by author Kim Sung-yeon titled 'Noona Paen Datkom'. The show will see Park Min-young in the lead role after her successful drama 'What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?' The show's first script reading took place on February 25 and the show will take over the slot which was previously occupied by 'Touch Your Heart'. The first character posters, stills, and trailers from the show have received a warm response from the audience and this is expected to be another hit for both lead actors — Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook.

Release Date:

The show will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9.30 pm KST on tvN from April 10.


The show is centered on Sung Deok-mi who has given up on living a personal life to indulge in her worshipping her favorite idol Cha Shi-an. Her night job of running a fan page has got in the way of many relationships and so she decides to stay a professional art curator in the morning and not be distracted by anything else. Ryan, the newly appointed director of the art gallery where Deok-mi works at used to be a famous painter. He, however, doesn't paint anymore and instead like observing people. He learns the truth about Deok-mi's secret nightlife and takes an interest in her. The drama is a rom-com, with other characters also playing their part in bringing Ryan and Deok-mi together. 


The show is directed by Hong Jong-chan who has previously worked on the critically acclaimed medical-drama Life, which was aired on JTBC. He as primarily worked tvN on 'The Most Beautiful Goodbye', 'Live upto your name', 'Dear my Friends', and 'My Secret Hotel'.  The show is based on author Kim Sung-yeon's 2007 novel titled, 'Noona Paen Datkom'.


Park Min-young as Sung Deok-mi

Park Min-young plays the role of Sung Deok-mi in 'Her Private Life'. (Source: tvN)
Park Min-young plays the role of Sung Deok-mi in 'Her Private Life'. (Source: tvN)

Park Min-young will play the role of a woman who lives double lives. She will play a professional art curator by day while she runs a fan page of her favorite idols Cha Shi-an by night. She works on getting his pictures, stalks him like the paparazzi and enjoys all of it. Actor Park Min-young was last seen in 'What wrong with Secretary Kim?' which was also aired on tvN.

Kim Jae-wook as Ryan Gold

Kim Jae-wook as Ryan in 'Her Private Life'. (Source: tvN)
Kim Jae-wook as Ryan in 'Her Private Life'. (Source: tvN)


Actor Kim Jae-wook will play the role of Ryan Gold, a famous painter who doesn't dabble in the art anymore. He is appointed as the new director of the gallery that Deok-mi works in leading to the two of their opposing personalities clashing. Kim Jae-wook's last popular drama is 'Temperature of Love' which was aired on SBC in 2017. 

Ahn Bo-hyun as Nam Eun-ki



Actor Ahn Bo-hyun as Nam Eun-ki will play Deok-mi's friend who owns a judo dojo and he is not clear about his feelings for Deok-mi. He has previously worked on 'Hide and Seek', 'Dokgo Rewind' and 'My Only Love Song' in supporting characters.

Park Jin-joo as Lee Sun-joo



Park Jin-joo as Lee Sun-joo plays Deok-mi's friend from when they were young and she is also a fellow fan on Cha Shi-an. The two run the fan page of their idol together. Jin-joo has played supporting characters in many series including 'While you were sleeping', 'Two Cops', and 'Encounter'.

One (Jung Je Won) as Cha Shi-an



One is a singer, rapper and songwriter who made his acting debut in 'Hwayugi' in a supporting role. He will play the idol that Deok-mi follows in 'Her Private Life' 

Other cast members

Lee Il-hwa as Kong Eun-young
Kim Sun-young as  Eom So-hye
Maeng Sang-hun as Sung Geun-ho
Hong Seo-young as Choi Da-in
Kim Mi-kyung as Ko Young-sook
Park Myung-shin as Nam Se-yeon
Im Ji-kyu as Kang Seung-min
Kim Bo-ra as Cindy
Jung Won-chang as Kim Yoo-sub


The makers recently released a relationship chart of the main characters of the show in Korean. It shows that Ryan Gold and Sung Deok-mi are set for a romantic relationship in the show. However, there are certain complications — Deok-mi's friend Nam Eun Gi (Ahn Bo Hyun)  may also have feelings for her while one of the media artists, Choi Da In (Hong Seo Young) will also fall for Ryan. Then there is  Cha Si Ahn (Jung Je Won — ONE), the idol that Deok-mi is a huge fan of.  She also has a rival fan leader, Cindy (Kim Bo Ra). Then we have the other supporting characters who will work in the museum and Deok-mi's parents  — Go Young Suk (Kim Mi Kyung) and Sung Geun Ho (Maeng Sang Hoon).

A chart of relationships from the upcoming KDrama 'Her Private Life'. (Source: tvN)
A chart of relationships from the upcoming KDrama 'Her Private Life'. (Source: tvN)



The first of the trailers for Park Min-young's series 'Her Private Life' was released recently and it is an introduction to the lead character of the show, Sung Deok-mi (Min-young). She is an art curator at a gallery by day and a professional fan by night who runs a fan page by night. 

The second teaser introduced us to the male lead in the series, Kim Jae-wook's character Ryan. He used to be a famous painter but has not stopped painting. He joins Deok-mi's gallery as the new director. 


The making of the show video featuring Min-young was released in March and it shows the equation between Deok-mi and Ryan at beginning of the series. It doesn't look like the two get along really well and Ryan is Deok-mi's boss at the art gallery. The show is about how this famous, reserved painter takes an interest in a fangirl's life and where it takes the two lead characters.

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