'Her Private Life' week 2 spoilers see Park Min-young's Deok-mi find herself in absurdly comical situations with her idol

'Her Private Life' week 2 spoilers see Park Min-young's Deok-mi find herself in absurdly comical situations with her idol

In 'Her Private Life', we last saw Sung Deok-mi (Park Min-young) accidentally try to kill her new boss Ryan Gold (Kim Jae-wook), but arrive in time to save him. She then learned that the two will meet her idol, Cha Shi-an (One) the next day. In week 3 of 'Her Private Life,' Deok-mi lives the dream of every fangirl by scoring a meeting with her idol, but not as a fangirl.

She meets him as an art curator who wants to hold an exhibition of paintings that Shi-an owns. While she is on cloud nine about getting the chance to meet Shi-an and his cute dog, everything gets a tad bit more complicated. 

A still from episode 3 of 'Her Private Life. (Source: tvN)

Deok-mi, due to a misunderstanding, gets involved in a scandal with her idol, which results in receiving a lot of hatred from Shi-an's fans who even go to the extent of physical assault. As a fangirl herself, Deok-mi understands where they are coming from, but also cannot help feeling frustrated about the bizarre situation since she is not even in a relationship with Shi-an.

She does try her best to explain the situation and gets Shi-an's manager to release a press statement about the truth, but none of that works. In fact, one fan even tries to kill Deok-mi or that's what Ryan thinks, and this results in him confessing that Deok-mi is his girlfriend, just so people will leave her alone. But this does give them the idea to fake their relationship for the public. 

A still from episode 4 of 'Her Private Life'. (Source: tvN)

The two come to this conclusion since Deok-mi doesn't have a boyfriend who could help her. If they were to be truthful, Deok-mi would not be able to live in peace with all the attention that she gets from media. The two formulate a plan and act like a couple for a short period of time. The only problem is that Ryan, who is unaware of Deok-mi's fangirl side, approaches her fan page to clear the very suspicions about Deok-mi.


The proceedings of the show are reminiscent of Shakespeare's 'Midsummer Night's Dream'. Especially the absurd situations that Deok-mi gets herself into, speak for these similarities. This would also explain why Deok-mi and Ryan get close enough to seem like they are about to kiss. While Deok-mi is clueless and thinks of this as a stop-gap solution, Ryan might, after all, be falling for his employee. 

Ryan and Deok-mi pose like they are close to avoid more speculations. (Source: tvN)

In the meanwhile, we also understand more about Nam Eun-gi, the man who lives with Deok-mi's parents. He is not Deok-mi's friend, since the two were kids. Eun-gi and Deok-mi's mothers have been friends since they met at a hospital while they were pregnant and Eun-gi has been mostly taken care of by Deok-mi's mom.


It looks like Eun-gi might have also developed feelings for Deok-mi through the time that he has known her. Yet again, Deok-mi is clueless about his interest in her. Added to this, we also see the dynamic between Deok-mi's parents and her paternal grandmother, which adds more laughs to an episode that is already absurdly funny. 

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