'Her Private Life' from Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook, is all about art and fangirling in week 1

In the first week of 'Her Private Life', we meet Park Min-young's character Sung Deok-mi and Kim Jae-wook's Ryan Gold

                            'Her Private Life' from Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook, is all about art and fangirling in week 1

Park Min-young, whose 2018 K-Drama 'What's wrong with Secretary Kim' brought the house down is back this year with yet another romantic-comedy titled 'Her Private Life'. In this, she will be seen opposite Kim Jae-wook, who charmed everyone with his performance in 'Coffee Prince'. The first two episodes of the show that was aired on tvN shows how Sung Deok-mi (Min-young) and Ryan Gold (Jae-wook) start off with an ill-fated meeting. Their relationship too only gets worse, but that is before it got better.



Deok-mi, an art curator by day is a professional fangirl by night. Her favorite star is idol Cha Shi-an portrayed adorably by One. She organizes art exhibitions under the leadership of a mean, selfish and corrupt boss, Director Eom So-Hye played by Kim Sun-young, and at the same time stalks her favorite star to click photographs of him. Ryan, on the other hand, is a revered art director in the New York circuit, whose opinion is the gospel for many up and coming artists. He used to be a painter himself, but after coming across a stunning work of art, Ryan's brain refuses to work when it comes to splashing the canvas with colors. 



Ryan and Deok-mi meet in China at an art auction where the two are bidding on the same piece. Deok-mi wants to gift her idol a painting of his favorite artist while Ryan wants to acquire the piece that stopped him from painting. From a bidding war to becoming colleagues, it is a big leap, but Deok-mi's life is not your everyday playground. It has to be a rollercoaster and we see the two go at each other throughout the first two episodes.



It gets bad enough to get Deok-mi fired, accidentally poison Ryan with caffeine, who is allergic to it, before the two reach an impasse and agree to work with each other. The premiere is just the beginning of what is surely going to be an interesting relationship that we cannot wait to see shape up. Especially considering how Deok-mi and Ryan will soon begin to work with Shi-an. Of course, Ryan is not aware of Deok-mi's other side, and he is also mistaken about her sexual identity. A misunderstanding causes him to believe that Deok-mi is in a relationship with her best friend Lee Sun-Joo played by Park Jin-Joo. This we expect will come up in the future episodes to serve audiences with some ROFL moments.


'Her Private Life' is not a melodrama and there is no villain in sight, at least as of now. We can expect a lighthearted breezy romance, with a lot of drama in terms of the outlandish situations that Deok-mi would experience and we know Min-young excels in the genre. The show airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9.30 pm on tvN and can be streamed on Viki.