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'Her Deadly Groom': Lifetime's thriller retains the suspense long enough to keep you going till the end

As viewers, what we might find intriguing is the fine balance that’s been struck between romance and menace through Michael DeVorzon's role as a psychopath

Spoilers ahead for ‘Her Deadly Groom’. 

To satisfy your cravings for some nerve-racking suspense that promises to keep you up all night, Lifetime is offering yet another interesting thriller in its latest movie 'Her Deadly Groom’' As the name suggests, a man is after a woman who he manipulates to fall in love with him for reasons unimaginable. But, what are his true intentions? Read on to find out in our review of 'Her Deadly Groom' below. 

The movie begins with a rather chilling scene as it shows a couple trekking through the woods, with the woman totally smitten with her partner, until he pushes her off the cliff. That’s when 'Her Deadly Groom' introduces us to its psychopathic character Vincent Black (Michael DeVorzon). You begin to wonder who he is or what he's up to until he finds his way into Allison's (Kate Watson)  life. Recently divorced Allison lives with her daughter Nicky in her former husband George’s (Eric Roberts) house and has started a small scale sauce business with her best friend Brenda (Kelly Erin Decker). 

While Allison isn't willing to date anybody yet, Brenda forces her to sign up on a dating app, where she comes across Vincent's profile. When Allison realizes that she had run into Vincent once preciously, she decides to meet him on a date. It doesn’t take Vincent too long to sweep Allison off her feet with his charm and pretentious lavish life. Allison continues to lay her blind trust in him, sharing confidential details about her business, while the latter works his own cunning plan to finish her for a large sum of life insurance. 

The plotline for 'Her Deadly Groom' gets further interesting as the story progresses, revealing more shades to Vincent's persona. DeVorzon, who plays the psychopath, has performed exceptionally to bring life to the character. As viewers, what we might find intriguing is the fine balance that is been struck between romance and menace through DeVorzon's role. 

Furthermore, the movie does a great job of retaining its suspense factor until the last, not giving too much away about Vincent's intentions and his escape plan should he be caught for his crimes. Every move of his has you waiting with bated breath to see what awaits the people close to him as he remains determined to achieve his goal. 'Her Deadly Groom' has enough action and violence for someone seeking some gore through the thriller movie. As far as the acting bit is concerned, the Lifetime movie has an interesting cast of characters to offer.

Kate Watson has aced her role as Allison, a thriving businesswoman and the mother of a teenage daughter. It further proves Watson's versatility as an actress, who can effortlessly get into the shoes of any character. Needless to say, the Golden Globe-nominee star Eric Roberts is another highlight of the film. As George, Roberts' character makes a quintessential competition for Vincent and his secluded life as a  divorcee adds an edge to his role.

Overall, 'Her Deadly Groom' is interesting by offering the right dosage of jitters and refraining from prolonged dialogues or drama that could relapse you into boredom. 'Her Deadly Groom' premieres on July 26 on Lifetime.