Henry Winkler trends as internet confuses him with ‘mobster’ PBA president Patrick Lynch: ‘2020 is bad enough’ 

Henry Winkler trends as internet confuses him with ‘mobster’ PBA president Patrick Lynch: ‘2020 is bad enough’ 
Henry Winkler (Getty Images)

Police Benevolent Association president Patrick Lynch, during a press conference held today (June 9), denounced police brutality while talking about George Floyd's death which has taken the world by storm. Floyd was murdered by former cop Derek Chauvin, who knelt on Floyd’s neck for nearly 8 minutes until he stopped breathing. 

Lynch also despised those who are involved in the riots, whose actions have caused a lot of damage. “We’ve protested. We believe in it and we believe in their rights, but now we’re being guided by those that were intent on violence from outside our communities, that threw the stone, that broke the window, that caused the violence that injured 300 police officers, some viciously. That’s who we denounce.”, he stated. 

However, a few internet users have a rather different opinion about his public addressal. Emphasizing that Lynch was displaying his leaning towards corrupt cops, one noted, “O, Mini-Fonzie thinks it's okay to extort the citizenry when they try to impose changes on a corrupt police force that's being propped up by a corrupt police association? Gotcha.Sounds about white.And a bit mobster.”

Meanwhile, the majority of them have confused him with the ‘Barry’ actor Henry Winkler and can’t stop talking about it on Twitter. One of the tweets stated, “Monty, my first thought before I turned up the volume was “what is Henry Winkler talking about?” These guys demanding unquestioned respect without understanding that with power comes responsibility, are the ones who give all police officers a bad name.”

A few who weren’t aware of Lynch’s latest speech couldn’t stop wondering as to why Winkler was trending. “Henry Winkler is trending and I don’t know why.. buy heyyyyyyyyyy” said one. 

Some of his fans believe he deserves to trend because he’s “one of the nicest actors in Hollywood”. One Twitter user wrote, “Yall need to stop thinking that man in the viral video is @hwinkler4real. I have NEVER heard of 1person who has either worked with or simply met Henry Winkler that had ANYTHING bad to say abt him. I met Mr. Winkler once & he is as cool & genuine as they come. A national treasure.”

On seeing Winkler trend all of sudden, a few who expected any sort of sad news were happy to know that the actor was keeping well. ”Henry Winkler is trending and I almost fainted. 2020 is already bad enough, don't take the Fonz too.” Another added to the previous tweet, "WHO got Henry Winkler trending for no reason just to give me a heart attack for no reason?? Go get me my damn belt.”


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