Will Henry Cavill's Superman appear in 'Black Adam'? Dwayne Johnson teases 'Man of Steel' cameo

Will Henry Cavill's Superman appear in 'Black Adam'? Dwayne Johnson teases 'Man of Steel' cameo
Henry Cavill (L) as Superman and Dwayne Johnson (R) as Black Adam (IMDb, Wikipedia)

The DC Extended Universe is finally introducing The Rock in 'Black Adam' as the titular anti-hero. He's been attached to play the character even before the DCEU began in 2013 with 'Man of Steel'. Superman reportedly will appear in a 'Black Adam' post-credits sequence but his face will not be revealed.

To Henry Cavill fans, this news was reliving the disappointment of 'Shazam!' And 'Peacemaker' all over again. Both projects featured an 'unseen' Superman, hinting at Henry Cavill's character with faceless body doubles. But now Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has teased fans with the promise of delivering what the audience wants — a 'legit' Superman cameo by Henry Cavill in the 'Black Adam' franchise.


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Ever since Henry Cavill's version of Superman was introduced, fans have yearned to see the Kryptonian hero meet Dwayne Johnson's DC character. Black Adam's DCEU debut was pushed back several years after plans for him to be the villain in 'Shazam!' were pushed aside in favor of giving him a solo movie instead. The upcoming 'Black Adam' release in 2022 is the culmination of that journey, one which will see the powerful DC anti-hero reawaken in the modern-day world. 

It's not yet official but the gossip making the rounds is that the movie will have only a meagre connection to 'Shazam!'. There is still a large contingent of DC fans who are holding out hope that 'Black Adam' includes a surprise Superman cameo.  Dwayne added to these rumours in his own way and tweeted without naming Henry Cavill directly, stating, "From back in the day when I was wrestling in flea markets for $40 bucks a match, all the way to now. I’ve learned to always listen to the audience because they will always lead you to where you need to go. I hear you & I always got you #BlackAdam @SevenBucksProd"


Some fans replied asking him not to give them hope as this is what they've always wanted and it would be heart-breaking to not have it. On fan tweeted, "And you know what audience want only one guy as superman. #HenryCavillSuperman" while another added, "Don't give me hope"



Since WB and DC have multiple Superman projects in development, 'Black Adam' could even be a place to debut a new Clark Kent actor. In any case, fans will know relatively soon whether or not Superman has a cameo in 'Black Adam'.

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