'Queen of the South' actor Hemky Madera and co-star Alice Bragga share a genuinely affectionate rapport: 'We are like family'

'Queen of the South' actor Hemky Madera and co-star Alice Bragga share a genuinely affectionate rapport: 'We are like family'

'Queen of the South' is all set to make a comeback with season four on June 6 on USA Network. In the upcoming season, the queen pin is expected to set out to New Orleans and begin her reign on the East Coast. The show that revolves around the international cocaine trade follows Teresa Mendoza (Alice Bragga), a woman who is forced to seek refuge in America after her drug-dealing boyfriend is unexpectedly murdered in Mexico. In her journey along which she created a life for herself in the same drug cartel that had her on the run, Teresa also finds a family, with unexpected alliances, as well as enemies. 

Alice Bragga and Hemky Madera in 'Queen of the South' (Source: IMDB)

Part of Teresa's tight inner circle is Pote Galvez (Hemky Madera), who left the Camila Vargas' cartel along with Teresa as he found himself increasingly taking her side after she let him live. Pote follows Teresa to Malta and in one of the show's most memorable moments, tells her that after he injured his hand, he might not be able to shoot anymore, but will take a bullet for her.  Teresa and Pote's relationship grew over the course of the three seasons, leading to the two forming a strong bond and him becoming Teresa's trusted sidekick and partner in crime.

Hemky Madera, who plays Pote in 'Queen of the South',  in an exclusive interview with MEA World Wide (MEAWW), talks about his off-screen rapport with Alice Bragga with as much affection as his on-screen self has for Teresa. "We are like family; we have a brother and sister relationship," he says and similar to his character Pote, Madera is a man of few words.

About the duo's relationship that developed through the course of the show, Madera said that although it had "started as a hunt" when Pote was sent to kill Teresa, "through a series of events he became her protector, mentor, soldier, and family." Pote, who is an experienced sicario, is a distinct and multi-dimensioned character. About portraying the different sides of this complex character, Madera said: "I believe that we all, as humans, have an aggressive and a sensitive side. Pote is no exception." He said that he was able to portray the character by being truthful to him, and "it’s been fun to play this character, but he is so different from me as a person."


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