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'Help! I Wrecked My House': Jasmine has to renovate bathroom with tight budget, can she help Jeremy and Andrea?

With only a few months for the newborn to be welcomed in the family, the couple wanted everything to be perfect
Jasmine Roth (HGTV)
Jasmine Roth (HGTV)

Jeremy and Andrea moved into their new house three years ago, but it is still not complete. Jeremy took up the task of renovating the house and even though he has been successful in renovating the living room, he has not achieved quite the same when it comes to the bathroom. Jeremy admitted that being an electrician, certain things were easier for him. However, when it comes to the plumbing issue, he does not feel the same.

With Andrea being pregnant and doing a night shift, Jeremy knew it was important to have a place where one could relax and not have the stress of seeing an unfinished task. Meanwhile, Andrea admitted she was worried the job won't be done before the baby comes. With only a couple of months for the newborn to be welcomed in the family, she wanted everything to be perfect. Jasmine Roth realized how important it was for the family to have everything completed. Being pregnant herself, she wanted Andrea to have a safe space where she can relax after a long day. When Jasmine entered the house, she was happy to see the job Jeremy had done in the living room.

However, when she entered the bathroom space, she was shocked to find how much work was left. Andrea revealed she would like a spa-like feel in the bathroom in the hope it will help her relax. The couple also showed the bedroom that needed to be renovated. Andrea revealed that the bedroom did not have enough closet space. Meanwhile, the couple also hinted they would like the flooring of the house to be changed. Jasmine was looking forward to starting the renovation with a budget of $60,000. She admitted it was a reasonable amount, but a tight budget. Jasmine decided to have tiles in the bathroom that would compliment the tub the pair had already bought.

For the room, she decided to break a wall to make more space for the closet. She also selected a flooring that would look good throughout the house. Once the renovation started, she was shocked to find out that the plumbing had an issue. Unfortunately, this meant she had to ask for more money. Even though Jeremy was not happy about this, he understood how the work had to be done. With an increased budget, Jasmine was able to repair the plumbing. Meanwhile, the renovation was also completed with her choice of decor, tiles and flooring. It was finally time for Jeremy and Andrea to see their house. The pair was shocked to see the transformation and admitted they were looking forward to come back home after a long day at work.

'Help! I Wrecked My House' airs on Saturdays at 8 pm ET on HGTV.